The Politically Incorrect Guide to Real American Heroes

In his new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Real American Heroes, author Brion McClanahan rescues the legendary deeds of the greatest Americans and shows why we ought to venerate heroes like Captain John Smith, adventurer Daniel Boone, General Robert E. Lee and many more. The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Real American Heroes not only resuscitates America’s forgotten heroes, but sheds light on the Left’s most cherished figures, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Kennedys.

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The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution

How did the founding generation intend for us to interpret and apply the Constitution? Professor Brion McClanahan, popular author of The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Founding Fathers, finds the answers by going directly to the source — to the Founding Fathers themselves, who debated all the relevant issues in their state constitutional conventions.

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The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers

Tom Brokaw labeled the World War II generation the “Greatest Generation,” but he was wrong. That honor belongs to the Founders–the men who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for the cause of liberty and independence, and who established the United States. This was a generation without equal, and it deserves to be rescued from the politically correct textbooks, teachers, and professors who want to dismiss the Founders as a cadre of dead, white, sexist, slave-holding males.

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“And then I told President Obama we are going to fight against executive usurpation on immigration, Obamacare, the economy, and foreign policy “tooth and nail’….” Speaker Joe Boehner, quoted in the New York Times, November 16, 2014. Let’s see how this turns out.

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The historian Andrew C. McLaughlin in 1932 wrote that the British imperial system was characterized “by diversification and not by centralization….The empire of the mid-eighteenth century was a diversified empire” with power “actually distributed [among] and exercised by various governments.” British colonies, including Ireland, “had long existed” as “bodies, corporate, constituent members of the Empire,” each with its own constitution and a government “with many …more

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I was honored to be one of 13 scholars invited to participate in a survey at Franklin’s Opus ranking U.S. presidents in three categories: upholding their oath, promoting liberty and prosperity, and leadership. My #1 finished sixth, but I ranked Washington, Cleveland, Monroe, Reagan, and Jefferson highly as well. My bottom dwellers are in line with the rest of the group, though Wilson was my …more