What Happens if No One Gets 270?

Trump is going to get the Republican nomination in 2024.

That should have never been in doubt.

With the news that Michelle Obama is staying out of the race dropping yesterday, it’s clear Biden is going to be the Democrat nominee.

That might change, but probably not.

The real question remains: what about third or fourth parties?

We know Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is primed to run as a third party candidate.

His Super Bowl ad was one of the best in the last couple of decades, even if he tried to distance himself from it just a day later.

But what about Nikki Haley? The “No Labels” Party is clearly interested in running a “Never Trump, Never Biden” ticket.

Joe Manchin of West Virginia is also a contender for that nomination.

What happens if we get a real four way race?

Could it be 1860 all over again?

I produced a Podcast about this about four years ago on a potential four way split that never materialized. Bernie Sanders stayed loyal.

But it’s clear that Kennedy isn’t loyal to the Democrats and they don’t like him.

It’s also clear that there are many Republicans who won’t vote for Trump and some Democrats who don’t want Biden.

This could be beautiful.

If that happens and we get four viable candidates for office, what happens if no one gets 270 Electoral College votes?

The States elect the president.

One pundit at The Hill has anxiety or this possibility.

I think it would be great, and it shows the “compact fact” of the Constitution.

The general government was created by and is a creature of the States.

A sovereign entity cannot be destroyed, but the general government can–by the States.

If the States get the choose the President, Trump probably wins.

28 States have majority Republican delegations, and States only get one vote. That means Trump probably wins 28-22 in the House. I cannot see any other candidate getting votes.

But again, the veil would be lifted and everyone would see that the States really control the entire system.

I am rooting for it.

Of course this made for great Podcast fodder, so I cover it on Episode 943 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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