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Most Americans recognize a few of the Founding Fathers—Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin—but what about some of the important but forgotten men who have been lost to time? They have great stories that need to be told. Here are ten whose fantastic lives are in many ways better than fiction.

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Podcast Episode 291: Virginia Secession

With the recent political revolution in Virginia and the slew of legislation coming from the now leftist controlled capital in Richmond, some Virginia counties want to secede and join West Virginia. Is this legally possible? And if so, could it happen? I tackle this interesting question in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 290: Glenn Beck’s Restoring the Covenant

Glenn Beck relies too much on David Barton. How do I know this? His latest event, Restoring the Covenant on the Sacred Land of Gettysburg, is just pure Lincolnian myth making and New England fantasy at its finest. This presents all kinds of problems for American conservatives. In fact, it is more dangerous long term than American progressivism. If American conservatism is defined by Beck’s …more

Podcast Episode 289: Pierre Delecto’s Moment

Mitt Romney, aka Pierre Delecto, had his moment this week. Delecto voted to convict Trump on the “Abuse of Power” charge and in the process made a “moving” speech in the Senate, one that was described as bringing members of the Democrat Party to tears. What a joke. His speech was nothing short of grandstanding hypocrisy and full of holes. I talk about why–and wrap …more