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Most Americans recognize a few of the Founding Fathers—Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin—but what about some of the important but forgotten men who have been lost to time? They have great stories that need to be told. Here are ten whose fantastic lives are in many ways better than fiction.

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Podcast Episode 59: Ending Federal Judicial Supremacy

Most Americans believe that the federal judiciary is out of control, but they feel powerless to stop it. Even some of our most trusted elected officials have this unnatural awe and respect for the judicial branch, like the men and women in black robes have some supernatural authority and need to be revered. The dirty little secret: Congress can…and should…do something about it. I discuss …more

Podcast Episode 58: Necessary and Proper

Necessary and Proper does not mean “you can do anything you want to do.” Listeners have asked for this type of show, so here you go. I cover the original intent of the “Necessary and Proper Clause,” and some general language about the Constitution. Your “living Constitution” friends will hate the episode because I destroy their arguments.

Podcast Episode 57: Barbarians

We have barbarians at the gate. The Left has shown their true colors with constant riots and protests aimed at some imaginary bogeyman. My colleague Jack Kerwick has analyzed the problem at You should read his essay, but I also get into a bit more history and explain that this has always been the MO of the Left on Episode 57 of The Brion …more