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Most Americans recognize a few of the Founding Fathers—Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin—but what about some of the important but forgotten men who have been lost to time? They have great stories that need to be told. Here are ten whose fantastic lives are in many ways better than fiction.

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Podcast Episode 129: Tradition and America

Tom Fleming at the Fleming Foundation recently wrote several posts on social media about tradition. This was a Socratic exercise in defining tradition and other political terms with the goal of finding a deeper understanding of the “ism” of tradition. As Dr. Fleming illustrates, tradition and ideology are incompatible, but nevertheless are often lumped together. That said, what is the value of tradition and does …more

Podcast Episode 128: Tariffs and the Constitution

Tariffs are one of the more contentious issues in American history. The debate over their necessity and constitutionality begins in the period leading to the American War for Independence and has continued unabated since. They were a key ingredient in the “sectional conflict” and men both North and South questioned whether they were necessary or constitutional. I provide two examples in this episode of the …more

Podcast Episode 127: Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight?

One common critique of Southern secession centers on the argument that it was a rich man’s effort without any support from the rest of the South, or that less wealthy Southerners were duped into supporting a war for “rich men.” Both of these arguments are false, and I explain why in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.