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Most Americans recognize a few of the Founding Fathers—Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin—but what about some of the important but forgotten men who have been lost to time? They have great stories that need to be told. Here are ten whose fantastic lives are in many ways better than fiction.

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Podcast Episode 253: Little Jemmy and the Gerrymander

Politico ran a piece the other day slamming Gerrymandering because it almost prevented Little Jemmy Madison from being elected to the First Congress. The horror. The piece was typical Leftist nonsense with a bit of hysterical hyperbole and a scattering of incongruous arguments. And it was written by a “journalism” professor. Go figure. I take it down in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 252: The 538 Political Confessional

The leftist website Five-Thirty Eight has recently produced a column titled “Political Confessional” where people submit “forbidden” political thoughts. This is standard leftist fare, but one was intriguing: “The Man Who Thinks The U.S. Is Better Off As A Bunch Of Separate Countries.” Now for those that listen to my show, this is just an everyday conversation, but not to the subject of this article. …more

Podcast Episode 251: The Cornerstone Speech

Alexander H. Stephens’s “Cornerstone Speech” is perhaps the most infamous speech in the 19th century. It is cited by every SJW group as clear “evidence,” the “smoking gun” that it was slavery, slavery, and slavery that drove the Confederacy. Is this true? The speech offers a clear example of “contextualization,” but not in the way the SJWs like to promote the idea. I discuss the …more