What’s at Stake in the Trump Immunity Case?

What do Trump, Lincoln, Truman, Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Biden all have in common?

They all did unconstitutional things while in office.

Trump is currently facing numerous charges for “crimes” he committed while President.

He’s already been impeached. Twice. But to those who want to permanently remove not only Trump but the “deplorables” he represents, the stakes are high.

Get Trump and you de-fang MAGA.

The founding generation thought impeachment would be the correct way to punish a president for poor conduct or illegal acts. That was enough.

No president had ever been charged with crimes once he left office before Trump. We could have gone after most of them.

Even Washington. Was the federal response to the “Whiskey Rebellion” an abuse of power? Some people thought so, but no one considered charging Washington with a crime,

Andrew Jackson abused power as President. He even broke the law. But he never faced criminal charges when he was out of office.

I have said that almost every president of the last 100 years deserved to be impeached, but I never suggested any of these people should be charged and tried in court.

For all of the leftist hand-wringing about Trump’s threat to “democracy”, these people are showing the way.

If you don’t like your political rivals, destroy them.

We’ve seen this before in Rome and Greece. It was commonplace in Eastern Bloc countries during the Cold War. Saddam Hussein had his political rivals marched out and shot. You can’t even sneeze incorrectly in North Korea and China.

Is this what we want in the United States? It seems the Democrats think so.

But of course the Trump trials make for great Podcast fodder. I discuss Trump, the founding generations’ position on impeachment and presidential misconduct, and the future of American politics on Episode 970 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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