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Is This The Best Way to Sell Secession?

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s national divorce comment started a national conversation. Sean Hannity invited her on to his program to find out what she meant by a “national divorce.” She wavered and waffled and eventually concluded that she didn’t really mean secession. She meant separation or the ability for red state conservatives to be free from the tyranny of blue state leftists. This represents the modern …more

Do the Founding Fathers Matter?

Many of us spend a lot of time looking to the founding generation for answers to contemporary political problems. The left doesn’t care. In fact, they don’t think the founding generation matters. Period. You see, for years progressives have conditioned people to think of the founding generation as little more than a bunch of dead slave-owning white men who never believed in progressive ideals. When …more

Were Confederates Nazis?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Confederate soldiers were proto-Nazis. This is the worst charge progressives level against the South. You see, if those evil white supremacist Southerners (as opposed to the good white supremacist Northerners) had won the War, Northern Americans would have been plagued with Adolf Hitler Calhoun right on their doorstep. It doesn’t help that you have some truly lost …more

Missouri Nullification and Texas Secession

An Obama appointed federal judge has declared a Missouri law in opposition to federal gun control to be unconstitutional. Why? SUPREMACY! This argument is the weakest in the national arsenal. Even Hamilton said unconstitutional federal legislation should not be enforced, and Hamilton never met a nationalist argument he didn’t like. It never stops dopes from being dopes, even when they have law degrees and wear …more

Would Washington Hate Presidents Day?

I know “Presidents Day” was last week, but an idiotic article at the New York Times had to get some time on The Brion McClanahan Show. Alexis Coe–self proclaimed “leading presidential historian of her generation”–claims that George Washington would have hated Presidents Day. This might be true, or it might not. Washington and the Federalists had a grand time marking his birthday while he was …more

How Did Lincoln Screw Up America?

How did Honest Abe screw up America? It could take a book to answer that question, but I think we could certainly focus on one issue: secession. With Marjorie Taylor Greene’s recent viral comments on “national divorce” and several other more public discussions about decentralization taking place in recent years, Lincoln’s arguments against secession have become important for our understanding of the issue. And they …more

What was Lincoln’s Plan for Freed Slaves?

What did Lincoln propose to do with freed slaves? The answer might surprise you. He famously told Alexander H. Stephens they could “root, hog, or die”, but Lincoln had another idea. He wanted to ship them out of the country to anywhere that would take them. When a trial run in Haiti failed about mid-way through the War, Lincoln supposedly backed off of his colonization …more

Family Wants Their Money Back From Woke University

In one of the best stories I’ve read in a long while, a family is demanding that a woke university return their cash. The University of Richmond decided to rename the T.C. Williams Law School because he owned slaves. But instead of rolling over, the family has decided to go on the offensive. Descendants have sent letters to the University arguing that if the school …more

Is Secession Workable?

Last night the SOHO Forum in New York City hosted a debate with the prompt: Is Secession Workable and Would it Benefit Liberty? One of the original panelists had to back out, and I was asked to replace him. I couldn’t do it, either, but I thought it would make for a great episode of The Brion McClanahan Show. Without stealing my own thunder–I want …more

The Best President at Handling a Crisis Is?…

Last week, C-SPAN released the results of a survey which polled American historians on the question: “Who was the best president at crisis management?” The results should not surprise you. #1 was good ol’ Honest Abe. American historians are a pitiful bunch. They are worse than sheep. Follow the leader would be their favorite game, and unless their “cutting edge” conclusions are focused on race/class/gender, …more