Podcast Episode 68: War Before Civilization

Are humans naturally inclined to violence? Lawrence Keeley thinks so. In fact, he argues that before the blessings of Western Civilization, man was more violent and brutal than today. I discuss what this means for modern society and why we should pay attention to his findings in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 67: The Bayards of Delaware

Most people don’t know anything about the Bayards of Delaware, but they should. They are one of America’s greatest political families, and they had much to say about statecraft, war, empire, and government. Libertarians and conservatives would do well to get to know their history.

Podcast Episode 66: Modern Education

Modern education stinks. Everyone knows it. But why? The mastermind behind all that ails us is the progressive philosopher John Dewey, but even so, the problems run deeper. We have abandoned many of the practices that helped develop young men and women into solid, moral, and well-rounded republican men and women. This is a think locally, act locally moment.

Podcast Episode 65: Korea

Why in the heck do Americans care about Korea? Kim Jong Un has recently rattled Americans by promising to nuke the United States, and the Trump administration has suggested that all options are on the table. I provide the background for this “crisis” and how it has impacted the powers of the presidency and American foreign policy. Korea was in many ways the start of …more

Podcast Episode 64: Grover the Good

Donald Trump has outlined “his” legislative agenda. The public goes wild. All is right in the world. The legislator in chief has spoken. Of course, this was never supposed to happen, and there have been several presidents opposed to this type of pseudo-monarchy, Grover Cleveland foremost among them. I discuss Trump, Obama, Cleveland, the Gilded Age and a host of other goodies in Episode 64 …more

Podcast Episode 63: The Anti-Federalists

Why are the Anti-Federalists important? William Watkins has written a marvelous book on the subject, “Crossroads for Liberty,” that explores what the Anti-Federalists had to say about the Constitution and why they matter today. I discuss his book, the antis, the Constitution, and the issues in Episode 63 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 62: Fake News

Fake news is the catchphrase of the day. Everyone is talking about it, but the issue is bigger than bogus news stories. It gets to the heart of the media. What kind of press do we need or want? A fair and objective press? No. We need a free and independent press, and modern media has gone the way of the 18th and 19th centuries. …more

Podcast Episode 61: The Ideal Commonwealth

Secession is constantly in the news. Many Californians want out of the Union and mainstream voices are chiming in on the issue. But what constitutes the ideal republic or commonwealth? David Hume had an answer. For now, this is an academic exercise, but as decentralization will be the issue of the 21st century, it might be wise to start thinking about reform measures that could …more

Podcast Episode 60: Local Self Government

Americans have the gall to insist that they have the right to govern themselves. This is unique in Western Civilization. The Greeks and Romans had local self government, but after the Germanic and Viking invasions, much of that was lost outside of the Northern Italian republics. Not so in England. I discuss the English political tradition of local self government and how that applies to …more

Podcast Episode 59: Ending Federal Judicial Supremacy

Most Americans believe that the federal judiciary is out of control, but they feel powerless to stop it. Even some of our most trusted elected officials have this unnatural awe and respect for the judicial branch, like the men and women in black robes have some supernatural authority and need to be revered. The dirty little secret: Congress can…and should…do something about it. I discuss …more