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How Congress Screwed Up America

While most American conservatives have embraced “Let’s Go Brandon!” the problems of executive abuse run deeper than the drooler in chief. Real American conservatives should have been chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” to virtually every president over the last one hundred years. Not even the “conservative” Reagan should get a pass, but he does. In fact, you could say that most American presidents should have been …more

Roe v. Wade

The recent leak of the potential reversal of Roe v. Wade has the left going nuts and predicting the apocalypse. It’s pure stupidity. On the other hand, as Michael Boldin at the Tenth Amendment Center likes to point out, it’s usually “constitutional conservatives” that have the hardest time coming to grips with real federalism. They want nationalism as much as the next Yankee. But I …more

NASCAR and Woke America

I remember watching the Daytona 500 in February 2001. Any NASCAR fans knows what happened at the end of the race. Dale Earnhardt was killed in a nasty collision with the wall. Wells King at The American Conservative pegs that moment as the day NASCAR died. NASCAR went woke without the influence of The Intimidator around. Today, you can’t bring a Confederate flag into a …more

Why the South Lives On?

I’m constantly amazed at how many Americans are perplexed by the South. It is the curious specimen that must be viewed under microscope. The curiosity that just doesn’t mesh with American norms. John C. Calhoun, according to a recent biography, is an “American heretic,” as if the entire South was heretical. Hillary Clinton certainly let the cat out of the bag when she called Trump …more

Is Marjorie Taylor Greene an Insurrectionist?

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is currently on trail for being an “insurrectionist.” A federal judge allowed Greene to stand trial in State court in an effort to have her removed from the November ballot for violating the 14th Amendment. There are several legal problems with this line of thinking, as legal scholar Jonathan Turley recently pointed out in a piece on his website. Greene is …more

One Nation Indivisible?

If Kevin Levin wasn’t bad enough yesterday, Lindsay Chervinsky upped the ante. Chervinsky is a well regarded popular historian. She wrote a little book on Washington’s cabinet that generated some buzz and has a fairly prominent public speaking routine. She is good on media and has a nice personality. But she’s not a great historian. Case in point, a recent post at her substack account …more

What Would Lincoln Do?

I almost feel sorry for these people. Almost. I’m speaking of the righteous cause mythologists, people like Kevin Levin who think they are “bringing their A game” when attacking “Neo-Confederate Lost Causers.” What would constitute Levin’s “A game”? Pointing out that there were pockets of Union sentiment in the South during the War. No way! You got us, Levin. No one knows this! Of course, …more

Considering Secession

In 1999, no one would have believed that in less than 25 years, secession would be a topic of discussion in the United States, so much so that major pollsters are starting to ask questions about it. A lot has happened since the late 90s, particularly the growth in the size and scope of the general government. But many Americans are finally getting it. They …more

Why Was Washington a Nationalist?

About a week ago, Michael Boldin at The Tenth Amendment Center asked me to explain why George Washington was a nationalist. Good question. After all, Washington hailed from Virginia, and to many men from the Old Dominion, Virginia was a fine enough country without another central government telling it what to do. But Washington wasn’t alone. John Marshall was a nationalist, so was Robert E. …more

Black Confederate Myth?

Were “black Confederates” a myth? If you listen to Kevin Levin, then yes. In fact, he wrote an entire polemic, published by the University of North Carolina Press, on the topic. Problem is, he didn’t really write on the topic. Most of the book is a screed against “neo-Confederates” and in particular the UDC, SCV, and UCV and anyone who dares utter a sentence that …more