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The Politically Incorrect Gateway to a REAL History Education McClanahan Academy courses sandblast away the years of rust, corrosion, and brain-rot produced by mainstream history curriculum. My courses challenge conventional wisdom and modern group-think. They are for the strong minded, curious student who wants a real history education untarnished by establishment academics. You can watch online, download the MP3, or use the Teachable App to …more

The Confusing Meaning of July 4th

On Jul 4, 1976, President Gerald Ford addressed a large crowd at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. His advisors worried that his previous speeches on the meaning of the founding were getting lost in the media shuffle, and they wanted him to make a definitive statement about the bicentennial. This was his chance. Everyone would be watching and the media had to cover this speech. One …more

Cornell Takes Down Lincoln

I predicted in 2015 that the woke mob would not stop at Confederate monuments. Neocons didn’t listen and instead hid behind their self-righteousness and moral preening. You see, they loved Abraham Lincoln, so they were on the right side of history. Confederates were Democrats (or Nazis) who deserved to be purged. And what American doesn’t love the “Great Emancipator”? They forgot that Lincoln had some …more

A Pathway to Reparations?

A few weeks ago I talked about Harvard’s $100 million project to atone for their complicity in the institution of slavery. That isn’t good enough, at least according to one lawsuit. The original suit was filed in 2019, long before Harvard pledged the mea culpa dough, but a Massachusetts court recently held that Harvard could be sued for “emotional distress” over a couple of 1850s …more

An “Insult to the 9th Amendment”?

Damon Root at thinks the recent Dobbs decision is an “insult to the 9th Amendment.” His position is based on two faulty premises: 1. That “originalism” is based on what the opponents of the Constitution worried the document would do rather than what the proponents swore it would not do, i.e. consolidate all power in the hands of the central government. 2. Incorporation The …more

Dobbs and New York Rifle

The 14th Amendment is the gift that keeps on giving but more like HPV than a rich benefactor. In the last three days, the Supreme Court has either accepted or rejected using the 14th Amendment to radically remake America. And by radically remake America I mean the destruction of actual federalism. Conservatives are cheering for the New York State Rifle and Pistol decision and the …more

Joe Biden vs. Jimmy Carter

Welcome to the new establishment Republican talking point: Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter 2.0. When I tell people I wrote a book about bad presidents, the first question I usually get is something like this: “Is Jimmy Carter at the top of your list?” No. He doesn’t even make the top fifteen worst presidents. Carter was a symptom of the disease in office, but as …more

National Conservatism: A Statement of Principles

You can’t keep the Struassians down. In fact, they want to define what it means to be a “conservative,” and they might just be successful, unfortunately. This doesn’t mean I don’t agree with them on several issues. But their insistence on “national conservatism” presents major problems, not the least of which is their entire “nationalist” worldview. Calhoun said he was a “conservative” because he was …more

The Sovietization of American Life?

Every so often, Victor Davis Hanson writes a piece that gets a few things right. Take for example his recent effort at American Greatness, “The Sovietization of American Life.” Hanson describes the wholesale destruction of traditional American society as a byproduct of the Marxist drift of American culture over the last half century. What he doesn’t get is that his hero Abraham Lincoln was partly …more

A Red Wave or a Red Ripple?

A lot of people on the right are banking on a “red wave” this November to turn the tide of American politics. Uncle Joe’s approval ratings are tanking, and the Democrats don’t seem to have a clue about what is causing the worst inflation since the 1970s. Americans are tired of the culture war, tired of woke stupidity, tired of mental illness being called normal, …more

The Origins of Originalism

If you listen to progressives, “originalism” is nothing more than a crackpot conservative way to discriminate against minorities through “bad” court decisions. Or maybe it’s just to overturn what they consider to be “good” court decisions. Either way, the fear is that conservatives will scrap their ability to legislate from the bench. Most progressives believe that “originalism” wasn’t an intellectual movement until the 1980s. But …more