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The Politically Incorrect Gateway to a REAL History Education McClanahan Academy courses sandblast away the years of rust, corrosion, and brain-rot produced by mainstream history curriculum. My courses challenge conventional wisdom and modern group-think. They are for the strong minded, curious student who wants a real history education untarnished by establishment academics. You can watch online, download the MP3, or use the Teachable App to …more

How to Teach Jacksonian America

A high school history teacher asked me this question: How do you teach Andrew Jackson, but more importantly, how do you incorporate John C. Calhoun into a unit on Andrew Jackson? I love answering these types of questions. I have already prepackaged my “Jacksonian America” lecture at McClanahan Academy, so if you want my full spin on the topic, get that class. Jackson is a …more

Guelzo’s Robert E. Lee

The only certain things in life are death, taxes, and “conservative” historian Allen Guelzo calling Robert E. Lee a traitor. In fact, his recent book makes that clear on the first page. Guelzo is a self described Yankee who bleeds blue and genuflects to his statue of Abraham Lincoln. That last part I made up, but he does call himself a Yankee. That means no …more

Leftists Discover Something About Monuments

They don’t like them, that is unless they glorify some underrepresented group in America. In other words, wokies think there are too many monuments to white men, and in particular white men who owned slaves or they think were racist. Tearing down monuments is an indirect (and somewhat passive aggressive) response to “right wing” America. They don’t like you so they want to tear down …more

Soccer Moms are Dangerous

Last week, our SCOUTS wannabe Attorney General instructed the FBI to investigate “dangerous” activity by school board moms. You see, people are upset all over the United States about critical race theory and masking mandates for their kids. This, coupled with an already meager return for our education dollars in many States across America, has parents challenging elected and appointed school board officials. Some are …more

Why Pick a Fight with the Jaffaites?

Earlier this year, I picked a fight with the Straussian/neoconservatives in Chronicles magazine. This led some people to openly wonder why now, and more importantly what was the point? If the right is being badgered by the left, why do we need to pick a fight with our allies? My response is simple: You can’t win if you are fighting by the enemies’ rules and …more

The Origins of Make America Great Again?

The left seems to think Donald Trump made up the slogan “make America great again” as a dog whistle for “white supremacists.” The (il)logic behind this buffoonery rests on the premise that Trump wanted to take America back to the 1950s, a time when segregated schools dotted the American landscape, black children couldn’t drink at the same water fountains as white children in the South, …more

How To Solve America’s Anger Problem

Americans are angry. They are angry at their government, their neighbors, their schools, their football team–particularly if you aren’t an Alabama or Georgia fan. Or perhaps you’re angry at the SEC or the PC stupidity from modern universities. Some of this is rational. Universities are a cultural wasteland, and in the South are now governed by a carpetbagging bunch of idiots. Americans also should not …more

“Contextualizing” Lincoln and Emancipation Monuments

I’ve said many times that the correct response to the American monument Taliban should be “No, shut up.” But fair is fair, and the main argument that have made against traditional American monuments, but particularly Confederate monuments, has been that the monuments represent bad history and false “myths.” With that in mind, perhaps it’s time to tear down or “contextualize” other monuments. Take for example …more

Three Cheers for Sarah Silverman’s Secession!

Sarah Silverman and Ken Burns are in agreement on one thing: America is in bad shape. Burns thinks things are as bad as they were in the 1850s on the eve of war. Silverman just wants to create two separate countries. Huzzah! Silverman is an award winning actress most famous for her voice work in Disney films, but she is an outspoken leftist who is …more

Calhoun Didn’t Invent the Filibuster

It seems politicos on the left and right agree that if you want Americans to believe in your cause, you need to demonize John C. Calhoun. To the right, Calhoun is evil. To the left, Calhoun is evil. Both are wrong. We’ve lost all concept of the meaning of that term, something I’ll cover later this week on The Brion McClanahan Show. But until then, …more