Democrats Don’t Understand the Constitution, Again

I could say that neither Party understands the Constitution. If Lincoln is your man, you are clearly constitutionally ignorant.

But Democrats seem to foul it up the most.

Take for example a recent proposed bill that would ban private “paramilitary” organizations.

Two Democrats wrote the bill to clamp down on dangerous “right wing extremist” violence in America.

When you finish laughing, keep reading.

Ed Markey of Massachusetts (of course) and Jamie Raskin of Maryland think that the greatest threat to “democracy” is “MAGA extremism” in the form of “paramilitary” activity like that of January 6 or 2017 in Charlottesville.

Remember I’ve told you that these people are living in the 1850s. They are no different than the radicals running around the North calling Southerners devils and the vomit of civilization.

Only the names have changed.

The bill will never pass, but it exposes the hypocrisy of these morons. They didn’t write this after the “fiery but mostly peaceful protests” in 2020 or during the ANTIFA bombing of a courthouse in Oregon.

Nope. Those are just patriots fighting systemic racism and oppression.

The people that really need to be neutered by the government are their political opponents.

The Democrats openly use the federal government as a weapon and everyone just smiles and moves along.

Of course the bill is a constitutional disaster. Even this fairly sympathetic piece at VICE points out that States have control over this issue.

But they also explain why these Democrats want this bill. It’s just like any other unconstitutional “federal crime” bill. It allows for a “pathway” to federal intervention in State police powers. If laws are already on the books, why pass another?

Because it is a naked power grab.

And the establishment dopes don’t trust the States to do their job, particularly “red MAGA” States fomenting insurrection. Give a federal prosecutor an inch and he’ll throw everyone in jail.

This is the kind of legislation Jefferson and Madison warned about in 1798.

But of course it makes great Podcast fodder, so I discuss it on Episode 921 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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