National Democratic Party

In 1896, conservative Democrats bolted the part and formed a splinter party known as the National Democratic Party, or NDP. They produced a “campaign handbook” outlining their political principles, and they focused on real issues and constitutional restraint. How refreshing. They also nominated a truly “national” ticket for the time by selecting John Palmer for President and Simon Buckner for Vice-President. Palmer was a Union …more

You Wanna Publish a Conservative Book?

Book publishing isn’t an easy game. Most books never sell more than one thousand copies. Nonfiction is the most difficult market of all, and with the proliferation of self-publishing, everyone has a book. This isn’t a bad development. Many people have an idea they want to market and they work hard to do it. The recent brick and mortar book store apocalypse has made getting …more

The Neocon Value of Union

Glenn Ellmers wonders if America is too unified. This is a stunning confession. Ellmers is a disciple of Harry Jaffa. If you don’t know Jaffa, he long argued secession was illegal. Ellmers still thinks so, but if the other States agreed to boot out some of the red States, then perhaps secession could be constitutional. That would be the only way, however. This is a …more

Seidule and Twitter vs. Lee

If you were asked to choose a better judge of military acumen, General of the Army Dwight Eisenhower or Professor Emeritus at West Point General Ty Seidule, who would you pick? Your first response would probably be, “Who is Ty Seidule?” Followed by, “Is this even a real choice?” One man won World War II in Europe. The other played armchair general for most of …more

Podcast Episode 384: Low Information Voters

A recent piece at explains that when Biden voters were presented with more information about Uncle Joe, 17% said they would not have voted for him. That is huge and an important starting point for a discussion about the dangers of “democracy” and the corporate media. I explain in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 348: Woke Names as Bad Philosophy

A recent piece at The American Conservative by Casey Chalk offered a unique position on woke name changes across America. They are bad ethics and bad philosophy. His analysis is worthy of discussion because this conflict is not really about history, but about philosophy and how we understand our past and our traditions, meaning the philosophy of memory, what John Lukacs called “the remembered past.”

Podcast Episode 309: President Amash and the LP

Justin Amash has decided to run for president as the Libertarian Party candidate. This comes on the heels of such esteemed heavyweights as Gary Johnson and Bob Barr. Does he have a shot? No. Is Amash a better libertarian than either one of those previous candidates? Yes, but he is no Ron Paul, either. I discuss Amash’s decision and the Libertarian Party in this episode …more

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The Politically Incorrect Gateway to a REAL History Education McClanahan Academy courses sandblast away the years of rust, corrosion, and brain-rot produced by mainstream history curriculum. My courses challenge conventional wisdom and modern group-think. They are for the strong minded, curious student who wants a real history education untarnished by establishment academics. You can watch online, download the MP3, or use the Teachable App to …more