Joe Doesn’t Know History

A few weeks ago, “historian” Heather Cox Richardson traveled to the White House to interview our “historic” President, Joe Biden.

Think about what this means for the history “profession.”

Richardson is a prize winning historian at Boston College and a media celebrity. Why? Because she is an establishment leftist shill who spends her time dreaming up ways to make progressivism the core of the real American experience. Going to interview Biden and slobbering over the trappings of the American monarchy does not make an objective historian.

Everyone with one brain cell could understand that.

The interview went as you would expect.

Biden suggested that the United States was created as an “idea,” thus positioning himself as a true believer in the proposition nation, a position Richardson also gleefully accepts. Her history of the Republican Party is about as worthless as her books on Reconstruction and the South.

You see, Richardson believes that Lincoln and the Republican Party somehow represented the cause of the “little guy” over “oligarchy.”

Only Straussians believe in similar fairy tales.

Biden then rambled on about how inflation was caused by COVID–but now it’s Putin.

It was never the fact that we printed 20 trillion dollars in two years.

Richardson compared him to Lincoln and TR and FDR. She is right about Lincoln. Both were and are notorious liars.

Biden thinks “taxes are not fair, man.”

He’s right about that, but not for the reasons he believes. They aren’t fair because half the population doesn’t pay income taxes while the middle class and small business are soaked for more money every year while inflation chews away at any modest gains in income.

This was a fun interview to podcast about. I did so on Episode 597 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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