What is Conservatism?

What is conservatism? If you ask twenty different “conservatives,” you’d probably get about twenty different answers. If you ask someone on the left, they would probably say it is racism, xenophobia, hate, and fascism. See how this works? Conservatives are still trying to figure out what to “conserve.” At the same time, you have “conservatives” who think we need to conserve discarded leftist talking points. …more

How To Punish Political Turncoats

When I was an undergraduate, I purchased Why Not Freedom? by the Kennedy twins out of Louisiana. I was hooked. At the time, I was your typical “conservative.” That booked opened my eyes. They were talking about nullification and the 10th Amendment, and it made sense. I started thinking about American government differently, and I remember telling my college conservative friends that this was the …more

Why An American Nation Cannot Be Salvaged

Many Americans used the word “nation” to describe both the government and society in the United States. This is the most glaring social problem in America. You see, both the left and right use this as a weapon against their political enemies. The left likes to brand the United States a “nation of immigrants” and pushes one size fits all government for their “national” constituents. …more

Can “Conservatism” Save America?

Can “conservatism” save America? The obvious answer is no, particularly if your brand of “conservatism” is tied to the Lincolnian nationalist myth. That would be Claremont/Hillsdale conservatism. But even some of them are reassessing their belief that “conservatism” can turn things around. Take Glenn Ellmers for example. In March he argued that “Conservatism is not enough.” I agree. Then he suggests that we need to …more

What is American Populism?

Was Donald Trump a “populist”? How about Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama, or Joe Biden? What about Pat Buchanan? Trump’s victory in 2016 created real interest in American populism. Is it simply a rural version of progressivism? What are it’s goal and origins? You can’t understand American populism without first understanding Jeffersonianism. There’s a reason Tom Watson called his newspaper The Jeffersonian. And you can’t …more

The Battle Over 1776

The 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence is just five years away. That means progressives and neocons get to battle it out over who defends the proposition nation the best. It also means the real meaning of the document will remain buried under Lincolnian stupidity. To the Straussian/Jaffaite/neocon “conservative” establishment, the real meaning of the Declaration doesn’t matter. Just read Cameron Hilditch at National …more

We Need No Declaration of Independence

Neocons can’t seem to understand the real purpose of the Declaration of Independence. It was quite simply a secession document. Not to them. Those who worship at the feet of “conservative” Harry Jaffa seem to think the Declaration was all about the first sentence of the second paragraph: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal…” Sounds a lot …more

A Proslavery Constitution?

Nikole Hannah-Jones and other 1619 acolytes have been consistently pushing the idea that the Constitution was a “pro-slavery” document. This comports to 19th century abolitionist rhetoric led by William Lloyd Garrison. To Garrison and his followers, the Constitution was not only a pro-slavery document, it was a pact with the devil. You know who didn’t believe this? About 99% of the American public. The 1619 …more

To Tenure or Not to Tenure?

Last week, the University of North Carolina Board of Trustees caved and voted to give journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure. She then said thanks but no thanks and bolted for Howard University. That’s unfortunate, because both the UNC School of Journalism and the academy deserve her. Granted, Hannah-Jones wasn’t qualified for the position. She was also given a non-tenure track contract, meaning she would not get …more

Radical Hamilton?

In 2017, I published How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America, a book designed to challenge the conventional (both on the left and the right) wisdom about the now hip Hamilton. You see, to leftists, Hamilton had become a fad, a founder with a man bun who liked to rap and personified their vision of America. To those on the right, Hamilton had always been the …more