What’s at Stake in the Trump Immunity Case?

What do Trump, Lincoln, Truman, Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Biden all have in common? They all did unconstitutional things while in office. Trump is currently facing numerous charges for “crimes” he committed while President. He’s already been impeached. Twice. But to those who want to permanently remove not only Trump but the “deplorables” he represents, the stakes are high. Get Trump and you de-fang MAGA. …more

The American “Illiberal” Tradition?

If you listen to Nikole Hannah-Jones or the West Coast Straussians, you would think that the American tradition is the “proposition nation.” Hannah-Jones doesn’t think anyone was committed to it, while the Straussians argue they were, but those evil Southerners retarded progress and were only turned back by noble Northern abolitionist crusaders in the 19th century. This would fundamentally mean that “American conservatism” is in …more

The Left’s New Crusade Against the “Flawed Constitution”

You have to give it to leftist “scholars” and their brain-dead acolytes. The light bulb goes off for these people and they treat it like no one had ever come up with this idea/thought/topic before. Take for example the Constitution. Everyone with a brain knows the document has been flawed since it was written. The “anti-federalists” spilled considerable ink on the subject. If you’ve taken …more

A Secret Hamiltonian in the White House?

We have a Hamiltonian in the White House. This breaking news comes courtesy of the New York Times and historian Jacob Soll. What a revelation! It’s almost as if Hamiltonian America did not win at Appomattox in 1865. We’ve had a Hamiltonian in the White House almost unabated since. Soll’s amazing discovery is politically motivated. You see, if Joe Biden is a Hamiltonian, then we …more

What Happens if No One Gets 270?

Trump is going to get the Republican nomination in 2024. That should have never been in doubt. With the news that Michelle Obama is staying out of the race dropping yesterday, it’s clear Biden is going to be the Democrat nominee. That might change, but probably not. The real question remains: what about third or fourth parties? We know Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is primed …more

Michell O is a No Go in 24

Michelle Obama’s media team released a press statement saying that she will not be running in 2024. This is a smoke screen. Obama is trying to put as much attention as possible on the current election because another Biden victory means another Obama term. Barack is, after all, running the show from Martha’s Vineyard. Biden is just a placeholder for the real Democrat in Chief. …more

Nikki Haley Talks Secession

Nikki Haley is back in the news, of course not because she is newsworthy. Far from it. She is back in the news because she can’t stop flip flopping. A few weeks back, Haley failed to bow to the woke mob by omitting slavery as the “cause of the War.” To appease the masses, she went on Saturday Night Live and knelt before the altar …more

Texas v. Biden

Texas told the Biden administration to take a hike. But this isn’t “nullification”. Texas insists that the Biden administration enforce the laws of the United States. Biden has so far refused and instead retaliated by cutting off natural gas exports from Texas. In other words, Biden has chosen economic warfare against a State, the very definition of treason in the Constitution, to appease the hard …more

Democrats Don’t Understand the Constitution, Again

I could say that neither Party understands the Constitution. If Lincoln is your man, you are clearly constitutionally ignorant. But Democrats seem to foul it up the most. Take for example a recent proposed bill that would ban private “paramilitary” organizations. Two Democrats wrote the bill to clamp down on dangerous “right wing extremist” violence in America. When you finish laughing, keep reading. Ed Markey …more

Dem Dems were Slavers and Traitors!

It’s almost becoming tiresome. “Republicans were the Party of freedom and Democrats were the Party of slavery, Jim Crow, and treason!” Modern Republicans really think this tactic will earn more votes. They’ve been called the stupid party for a reason. I can just imagine a potential Democratic voter changing his mind while ruminating, “If I cast a vote for this Democrat, I’ll be voting for …more