Did Governor Grisham Violate the Constitution?

In case you missed it, last week New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham issued an executive order making it illegal for citizens to carry firearms in public–both open and concealed carry–for 30 days in Albuquerque and the surrounding county. She called it a response to a “public health” emergency. The “Constitutional conservatives” went nuts. How dare she violate the 2nd Amendment! In fact, a resident …more

Should We Forget Thomas Jefferson?

About a week ago, a listener sent me an article from National Review that encouraged its readers to declare their independence from Thomas Jefferson. He was outraged and wanted my thoughts. I could just call it stupid, but the article provides a teachable moment for Americans interested in anything that resembles the American tradition. We could call these people conservatives or paleo-libertarians. The traditional term …more

Should We Read the Federalist Papers?

The Federalist Papers are the most overrated series of essays in American history. That’s not a hot take. It’s a fact. They hold more weight because of the stature of the authors: Hamilton, Madison, and Jay. But that doesn’t make them any more important or useful than other commentaries on the Constitution written at the same time. In fact, they persuaded very few people and …more

Do We Have Two “American Foundings”?

The good news? Progressives admit we’ve won. The bad news? Progressives have changed the game, the field, and the rules. What do I mean by this? You see, progressives have decided that our side was correct about the founding, the Constitution, federalism, secession, the nature of the Union. All of it. But it doesn’t matter. Originalism–real originalism–is dead, and has been replaced by “14th Amendment …more

Rich Men North of Richmond

If you haven’t heard, the world loves Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond.” The song raced up the charts in one day thanks to a social media tidal wave of support for the red-bearded farmer from Farmville, VA. Before August 9, not many people had heard of Oliver Anthony. He mostly played to the trees and his dogs on about 90 acres of woods. …more

Throw the Bums Out with Nullification

Ain’t no better time for throwing the bums out than right now. Unfortunately, it seems Americans have been saying that since 1783. That was the point of the Republican Revolution of 1800 and every subsequent attempt to check the power of the general government. Throw ’em out and things will be better. But what if that doesn’t work? I know that’s a rhetorical question. It …more

Is the United States Becoming a “Banana Republic”?

The latest Trump indictment led to another round of conservatives describing the United States as a “third world country” and a “banana republic.” At the same time, Al Sharpton questioned whether Republicans wanted “George III or the confederacy” for their continued support of Trump. American politics are historically stupid. The Untied States isn’t in danger of becoming a “banana republic.” The analogy doesn’t work. Nor …more

Why Does the Left Really Hate the New Florida History Standards?

The new Florida K-12 history standards have upset the left. Kamala Harris recently suggested that teachers in Florida would be required to tell students that slavery benefited black Americans. Various historians immediately whined to the establishment media that this was an effort to “revise” the past, to minimize the institution of slavery, and, hilariously, to support white guilt. That last point illustrates how stupid these …more

What Do Early American Politics Tell Us About Modern Politics?

In 2009, I wrote my Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers as a way to bring attention to what I called the “greatest generation” of Americans. This doesn’t mean that Americans had forgotten the founding generation. Hardly. They were being discussed all the time. But I did have the sense that it was getting harder to talk about their accomplishments without bowing your head …more

What Do We Do About “Gut Level Hatred” in American Politics?

I’ve talked about this issue many times on my Podcast. Americans are angry, so much so that we are seeing rhetorical conflict unmatched since the 1850s. At least we could define “woman.” Regardless, all of the hand wringing and angst over the current polarization of American politics misses one key ingredient: centralization of power. The culture war would not be an issue if we had …more