Podcast Episode 395: Biden’s Inauguration

Chris Wallace thinks Biden’s Inaugural Address was the best he’s heard since 1961. This is why Chris Wallace is an idiot. In the real world, Biden’s speech was historically bad and appeared to be written by one of his tween grandchildren. He’s probably not sure which one or in fact where he was today. I discuss the speech in this episode of The Brion McClanahan …more

Podcast Episode 394: The Joe Show

Political theater comes to Washington January 20. This will be an inauguration unlike any in American history, even Lincoln’s second in 1865. The Left created a narrative of violence while President Joe promises to “unify” the United States. But looking at his agenda shows that this isn’t his real intent. What will the next two years look like? I make some predictions in this episode …more

Podcast Episode 393: Arlington Road Fantasy Land

It seems the left has watched Arlington Road too many times. According to the HuffPost, “right wing insurrectionists” are planning to violently take over the government and hand it over to the Republicans. Right. The FBI and other federal “law enforcement” agencies have briefed the Congress on potential violence next week. I don’t buy it, but the real cancer is Lincolnian nationalism. I explain why …more

Podcast Episode 392: Social Media and Free Speech

Most mainstream social media platforms have banned Donald Trump, at least for a time. This is unprecedented in American history. No American president has ever been censored. At the same time, censorship is something Americans have faced at various times since the founding. I discuss in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 391: 25th Amendment Time?

Is it time to invoke the 25th Amendment? The Democrats and some Republicans think so. As you might imagine, this is a complete distortion of the original intent of the Amendment and is as laughable as it is stupid. More importantly, it’s a play by the Democrats to avoid doing their job in the Congress. I discuss in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 390: Thinking Locally Works

A couple of listeners sent some great news the past week: their efforts at thinking locally and acting locally are getting results. Why? Because small is beautiful. Even James Madison knew it which is why his original “1st Amendment” was an apportionment amendment. I discuss in this final 2020 episode of the Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 389: Secession 2020

Texas is now openly talking secession. This is predictable, but Lincolnian nationalism presents a formidable roadblock. Americans are rethinking the value of Union, just as the founding generation debated the value of Union. Hamilton’s Federalist No. 9 contains an interesting discussion of the topic and is fit podcast fodder.

Podcast Episode 388: Electors Clause

My last episode stimulated a lot of debate on social media, some productive, some idiotic. I appreciate the conversation, and I understand that people are rightly frustrated with the election. But as I pointed out yesterday, this lawsuit is not the correct course, either constitutionally or politically. I expand on my statements, particularly in light of the “Electors Clause” in this episode of The Brion …more

Podcast Episode 387: Texas Files a Bad Lawsuit

Texas is suing several States over potential voter fraud in the 2020 Election. Many conservatives have cheered the move while the Left calls it a desperate Hail Mary for the Trump administration. The State should’ve just seceded. I explain why this is a bad lawsuit and a bad move for conservatives in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 386: NPR Admits Biden Isn’t President-Elect

Every news outlet is calling Joe Biden “president elect.” Except he isn’t. Not until the Electoral College meets and those results are verified by the Senate. NPR actually admits this, just after calling him “president elect.” They also whine about the period between the election and inauguration because bad things happen. This is what passes for serious government journalism, but it’s great fodder for a …more