Podcast Episode 81: Confederate Origins of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is Monday. Most Americans don’t realize that the holiday would not exist without the Confederacy. In fact, the first Memorial Day was held in Columbus, GA in 1866 to honor Confederate dead. It spread across the South and was later co-opted by Union veterans in 1868. The holiday was often seen as a time of reconciliation. With Confederate symbols and monuments under attack, …more

Podcast Episode 80: Separation of Church and State?

This is a listener generated episode. Did Jefferson really believe that the general government had the authority to create a “wall between church and state?” Of course not, but this phrase has been used–and distorted–by the general government since the 1960s to knock down any semblance of religion in public life. I discuss the complete picture without the spin in this episode of The Brion …more

Podcast Episode 79: Why Slavery?

Why was slavery an important issue in antebellum America? A 2017 response would be because we have a moral aversion to the institution, but that was not the case in the period leading up to the War. Saying “slavery” in 2017 creates a false narrative about American history. I answer the question, “Why slavery?”

Podcast Episode 78: The Arlington Road Syndrome

Donald Trump’s recent foray into American history excited the vitriol of the academic Left in America. They believe there is a right wing/libertarian bogeyman hiding in every closet and these people have to be exposed and denounced in an Orwellian two-minutes of hate rant. I call this the Arlington Road Syndrome. What they don’t realize is that their version of American history is the dominant …more

Podcast Episode 77: Trump vs. Lincoln

Donald Trump stepped in it, again. But did he? He committed the ultimate heresy yesterday by suggesting that the Civil War [sic] could have been avoided. The Left went nuts and ran out their revisionists version of the War. I discuss Trump, Lincoln, and the War on this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 76: The First Hundred Days?

Donald Trump recently tweeted that the 100 days benchmark was a silly idea. He was right, but the question is, where does this come from? Why do Americans insist on measuring a presidency by this standard? It comes from the great Dictator in Chief Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Americans should run away from the first 100 days benchmark like it has the plague. This is …more

Podcast Episode 74: E.L. Godkin and the “Ideal” American

Most Americans have never heard of E.L. Godkin. This is a travesty, particularly for those who admire independent thinkers. Every libertarian should know Godkin, and I wrote about him in my Forgotten Conservatives in American History. He was one of the truly great minds of the late 19th century, a man who was able to see the what the world was becoming and criticize it …more

Podcast Episode 73: The Hard Hand of War

On April 16, 1865, “Lincoln’s hordes” moved through Columbus, GA and destroyed the city. This was the culmination of another “march to the sea,” but this time a “march to the river.” More Americans should know about this arm of the Union’s “hard hand of war” policy toward the South.

Podcast Episode 72: Robert Bentley, Glenn Jacobs, and Your Power

One of the common arguments against my “think locally, act locally” theme is corruption. “Gee, that sounds good, but state and local government is so corrupt. It can’t be fixed.” Not so fast. This week provided two great examples of why we should all be thinking locally and acting locally. You have the power to clean up corruption and the power to change your backyard.

Podcast Episode 71: Executive War Powers

Donald Trump acted against Syria. Some “conservatives” would have you believe this was constitutional. Was it? I discuss what the founding generation said about this and more. This isn’t going to make me a popular podcaster with a large percentage of the modern right.