Alabama Gun Rights

A State Senator from Alabama wrote a very good bill. Senator Gerald Allen presented a bill to protect Alabama gun rights. It passed by a crushing majority but not without some Democrat opposition. You see, “green people” are being killed by “assault weapons.” Aliens. Or maybe this Democrat was talking about the Mobile Leprechaun. Either way, this shows how stupid the opposition can be most …more

Mandatory “Founding Documents”?

A bill before the South Carolina legislature would make teaching America’s “founding documents” a requirement at public colleges and universities. This sounds like a great idea on the surface. After all, the progressive left continually works around the Constitution in order to advance their agenda. The problem is, so does the neoconservative right. And who would be teaching these “founding documents” which include the Federalist …more

Remember Secession! Texas Style

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram doesn’t like the idea of Texas secession. At least Bud Kennedy at the FWST doesn’t like the idea of Texas secession. Why? Because Bud thinks secession is illegal and led by “bubbas.” In a piece titled “Remember the Alamo!– but forget secession,” Bud the legal scholar/historian lets his readers know that Texas can’t leave the Union. This after titling his piece …more

Corporations vs. Georgia

Corporations have gone to war against Georgia. Worse, corporations have gone to war against America. This was easily predicted. Most Americans have developed a mental false dichotomy regarding politics and corporations. One one side are the pro-corporate Republicans hell bent on ensuring their big business buddies get as many kick backs as possible. On the other side are Democrats fighting “for the people” against big …more

A Homeschool Revolution?

COVID-19 has changed American life. Studies suggest that many Americans will permanently alter the way they work. Commercial real estate, particularly office space, has taken a nosedive in the last year. This is also happening to education at all levels. Parents are questioning if they want to send their kids back to school, some because they are worried about public health, but others because they …more

Conservative as an Idea?

The Heritage Foundation accepted the resignations of two members of its leadership team last week. This prompted to write a piece wondering “What is the future for conservative ideas?” Notice conservative and ideas bonded together in a symbiotic relationship as if “conservatism” is an ideology. The Staussian neoconservatives think to. Lincoln created this myth with the Gettysburg Address in 1863 and his acolytes have …more

Texas Seed was Unconstitutional

March 18 is a great day for birthdays. Not only was John C. Calhoun born on that day, so was Grover Cleveland. Most Americans don’t know anything about either man except the standard platitudes: racist, conservative, xenophobe, etc. Or they might know Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms as president. But that’s it. Cleveland was a rock star of a president, a truly great conservative who …more

Calhoun’s Definition of Conservative

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, Yankees could praise Calhoun and everyone cheered. This was normal. In 1910, the Massachusetts born and bred Henry Cabot Lodge gave a gallant speech on the Senate floor praising John C. Calhoun as one of the truly great Americans in its history. This was to honor the placement of Calhoun’s statue in Statuary Hall at …more

The AP Prints Fake News

The unholy alliance between the modern historical establishment and the media is only slightly worse than that of the media and the progressive political establishment, but both have the same results. America becomes less informed by the day. Take for example a recent piece in the AP titled, “160 years later, Confederate constitution an ignoble relic.” You would think from reading the article that Jefferson …more

Cancel Culture Commies

Dr. Seuss is being canceled? Not so fast. Only six of his books are being shelved by the publisher. But conservatives everywhere went nuts over another round of cancel culture. At first glance, this looks like an open and shut case of idiotic overreach. Seuss published material indicative of the time in which he lived when people weren’t overly sensitive and when only sticks and …more