Michell O is a No Go in 24

Michelle Obama’s media team released a press statement saying that she will not be running in 2024.

This is a smoke screen. Obama is trying to put as much attention as possible on the current election because another Biden victory means another Obama term.

Barack is, after all, running the show from Martha’s Vineyard. Biden is just a placeholder for the real Democrat in Chief.

Michelle doesn’t need to run in 2024. Obama is already on the ballot.

Or if Biden loses, it means the situation is perfect for the Obamas to swoop in and “save” the Democratic Party in 2028. That has been the goal all along.

Their only competition would be Gavin Newsome.

You know who hates this? The Clintons. They controlled the Party for nearly twenty years only to have it taken away by the “clean, articulate” Obama.

Neither the Clintons nor Gavin Newsome have any chance against the Obamas.

They are the real face of the majority minority party in America.

Bill Clinton and Gavin Newsome are too white and too traditional. Clinton is also too Southern now.

If Obama does not run in 2028, count on another black woman. The Party will not nominate another white man in 2028. Book it.

But this of course brings us back to 2024. Trump achieved a major victory yesterday with the SCOTUS ruling keeping him on the ballot in every State.

I said this would happen. I even said it would be 5-4. While the Court ruled 9-0 that Trump had to be on the ballot in Colorado, the real decision was 5-4 as the four women justices wrote concurring opinions that narrowly interpreted the ruling.

Trump is going to get the nomination. Winning is another matter. I guarantee the Democrats will be using all “legal” means necessary to defeat Trump while crying about “voter suppression” in Republican controlled States like Georgia.

And by “legal”, I mean highly suspicious ballot harvesting tactics.

Of course, the left went nuts over the SCOTUS decision yesterday, so much so that some starting calling for the abolition of the Court.

Don’t you love it when these people luck into the right position?

The Court has been abusive since 1794.

Left wing activists masquerading as historians have been crying foul about the decision for the last 24 hours. They were embarrassed and they know it.

But this made for great Podcast fodder.

I discuss the SCOTUS decision on Episode 942 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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