Nikki Haley Talks Secession

Nikki Haley is back in the news, of course not because she is newsworthy.

Far from it.

She is back in the news because she can’t stop flip flopping.

A few weeks back, Haley failed to bow to the woke mob by omitting slavery as the “cause of the War.” To appease the masses, she went on Saturday Night Live and knelt before the altar of acceptable opinion.

She then said on a radio show that Texas could secede if it wanted.

She backtracked the next day, but not before the Lincolnians went nuts.

Take for example Bill O’Reilly.

Ol’ Bill took issue with Nikki and plastered his webpage with a huge graphic:

“Why Texas Cannot Suceed from Union”

You read that right. Bill, or one of his staffers, does not know the difference between secede and suceed.

Or succeed. The typo is atrocious.

But his reasoning is even worse. You might guess it. Texas v. White.

This is the conclusive proof that secession is illegal according to every midwit in America.

Some understand the nuance. The Supreme Court said that unilateral secession is illegal, but not secession per se. States can leave the Union if Congress kicks them out.

Why would the Court rule this way? Because it needed cover for the clearly illegal and nasty 1st Reconstruction Act of 1867, a bill that reduced the former Confederate States to military districts subject to marshal law.

Those States did not exist any longer because Congress said so, even if Lincoln said they were just in rebellion during the War.

The Republicans had a major constitutional mess on their hands by denying the legality of secession. The Court theoretically figured it out by ignoring the Constitution.

Which brings us back to O’Reilly. He also made the case that once the Supreme Court rules on an issue, the case is closed. We don’t have to like it, but you cannot resist.

That would have been news to Andrew Jackson, or better yet, Bill’s beloved Republican Party. Their entire platform of 1860 was dedicated to open resistance to a ruling of the Supreme Court.

This is why I laugh every time people say the North, and not the South, was being forced to compromise in the months leading to the War. The opposite is true. The South had the entire weight of the law on their side. The North, politics.

Now, we can certainly say that the Dred Scott decision was a faulty decision, but regardless, under Bill’s logic, the Republican Party had no authority to resist and should have folded up shop. Slavery, according to the Court, was legal everywhere in the United States, or so I am told my establishment historians. Northern States were still free States, of course, but they won’t say that.

But slavery was legal in every inch of federal territory, and Republican efforts to resist it would have driven Bill O’Reilly mad. For as he said, “But I understand, that when the Supreme Court rules, that’s it. No wiggle room.”

Of course, we know that if you asked him, he would say that the Republican Party should have resisted Dred Scott. His consistency only goes so far. So does his knowledge.

Either way, Nikki and Bill made for great Podcast fodder.

I discuss both on Episode 930 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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