Podcast Episode 357: Sasse Gets Sassy on the Senate

Senator Ben Sasse wants to “Make the Senate Great Again.” To do so he suggests that we repeal the 17th Amendment along with other structural changes. Some of his suggestions make sense. Others, not so much, but his proposal hides the real problem with the Senate (and the US Government): nationalism. Get the scoop in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 356: Cancel Culture’s War on Speech

Donald Trump has come under fire for language the could “incite” his supporters to violence. Other speech has been canceled by the left because they don’t like the message. What does this say about American culture and the Constitution? This is an old debate, and I cover some history of “free speech” in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 355: New Georgia Secessionists

Four Georgia families had enough. Faced with what they consider to be a violent environment, these families pooled their resources and bought over 96 acres of land in Georgia to create a safe-zone and eventually an incorporated town. Called the Georgia Freedom Initiative, these Georgians want to rid themselves of “Karens”–Yankees–and have a safe community that could lead to “generational wealth.” This private initiative is …more

Podcast Episode 354: Washington and Lee Marxist Insurrection

A professor at Washington and Lee offers a freshman writing seminar on how to properly pen a communist manifesto. If that isn’t good enough, this professor will also help you “rewrite” history. The left isn’t hiding what they truly believe any longer. They have been emboldened by 2020 and this latest example is just one of many that could be found on college campuses across …more

Podcast Episode 353: Bowser DCFACES Monuments

WASHINGTON District of COLUMBIA Mayor Murial Bowser suggested that several evil federal monuments in the city need to be removed, relocated, or contextualized. Among them are the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial, along with the Columbus fountain. You can’t make up this kind of stupid, but the good news for any American with one brain cell is that the left is showing their cards. …more

Podcast Episode 352: Social Justice Sports

Americans cannot escape politics, not even to watch their favorite ball game. The NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, NASCAR, and even college programs have become social justice loudspeakers. That’s fine on a personal level. Players have the freedom to express their political views on their own time, but when games are canceled, these millionaires are telling the fans, the people who shell out billions of dollars …more

Podcast Episode 351: Trump’s Lincolnian Speech

Donald Trump accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for president last week. His speech was perhaps the best Lincolnian nationalist speech of his four years in office. This is not a good thing from a “think locally, act locally” perspective, but it was red meat for his supporters and should find favor among the target audience: American Boomers who still believe in 1940s America. I discuss …more

Podcast Episode 350: The Last Boat Shoe Progressive

Joe Kennedy III wants a U.S. Senate seat. He is attempting to oust long time Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey in a Sept 1 primary battle. Kennedy is behind in the polls, and if he loses and Biden goes down in defeat in November, we could be seeing the last of the boat shoe progressives. What is that you might ask? I explain in this episode …more

Podcast Episode 349: Jill vs. Melania

The “First Ladies” have spoken. Jill Biden’s speech last week was praised for its compassion while Melania Trump was-criticized by those on the Left. This shouldn’t be shocking to anyone with one brain cell. Melania Trump has routinely come under fire from those on the Left for being out of touch, but did their respective speeches do what each Party wanted them to do? I …more

Podcast Episode 347: Joe Biden’s Stupid Speech

Joe Biden is officially the Democrat nominee for president. It took Uncle Joe forty years to get here, and he proceeded to give one of the most ridiculous speeches in modern political history. It lacked substance and was full of platitudes and slogans that don’t mean anything.