Podcast Episode 157: Marbury v. Madison. Good or Bad?

A listener generated episode. Was Marbury v. Madison a good or bad decision? What are the misconceptions of the case, and what did it mean for the future of American constitutionalism? Get the scoop on this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 156: They Also Ran

This is a listener generated episode. Keep sending your requests. If ______ candidate won ________ presidential election, what would have been different, or more importantly, did the wrong man win? Irving Stone wrote a breezy tome on this topic in the middle of the 20th century titled “They Also Ran.” His book is popular history at its finest, but like any political history has its …more

Podcast Episode 155: What is American Liberty?

Liberty minded Americans might be unaware that there are several different concepts of American liberty all born in the colonial period. This presents a problem when discussing current events and creates the climate of “incompatible things.” I discuss liberty in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 154: Wilson, FDR, or LBJ?

Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and Lyndon Johnson should rank at the bottom of every presidential list. Unfortunately, they don’t. Of course, I placed them among the 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America. But of those three, who is the worst? Tom Woods made a case for FDR and Michael Malice for Wilson in a recent episode of the Tom Woods Show. They didn’t mention LBJ. They …more

Podcast Episode 153: Why are my College Professors Liberal?

This is a question many people in Western countries ask today. Why are my college professors so liberal? It seems the academy is overrun with hippie has-beens and revolutionary wannabes. How did this happen? Some of it has to do with field and the rest with culture and hubris. I discuss in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 152: The Disuniting of America

Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. was a court historian of the court historians, the bridge between the Old Left and the New Left. He would also be attacked by the New Left of today for his views on “multiculturalism.” His book “The Disuniting of America” is an interesting discussion of history, politics, and more importantly the myth of Lincolnian America. This book was highly influential when I …more

Podcast Episode 151: Democracy?

The recent events in Florida had some members of the media suggesting that 16 year old Americans should be able to vote. This is democratic and fair, they say. Why stop at 16? Why not 12? or 5? The American infatuation with “democracy” has led to several interesting debates in American history, most importantly the division between the State and general government over who can …more

Podcast Episode 150: Shut Up and Dribble?

Laura Ingraham created a stir a couple of weeks ago by suggesting that NBA superstar LeBron James leave politics alone and just “shut up and dribble.” James, other NBA players, and leftist talking heads in both the sports media and cable news pounced, calling her “racist” and demanding an apology. To her credit, Ingraham didn’t back down and instead asked James to come on her …more

Podcast Episode 149: Ranking the Presidents

Presidents Day. The day dedicated to monarchy worship in America. It also provides an opportunity for every “presidential scholar” to dust off his or her “presidential rankings.” 2018 is no different. Boise State produced a survey of “presidential scholars” that is not only laughable but exposes these people for the poor scholars they actually are, at least in regard to understanding the original intent of …more

Podcast Episode 148: The Tuckers of Virginia

Very few people, even academics, know anything about the Tuckers of Virginia. This is unfortunate because they were a truly great American political family. I wrote about St. George Tucker in my How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America, but a few years back we dedicated a week to the Tuckers at the Abbeville Institute. St. George is perhaps the most important family member but his …more