Podcast Episode 312: Where’s the Beef?

COVID 19 has created meat shortages in the United States? Why? Because the entire industry is over-regulated and centralized, or so Paul Schwennesen (conslusively) argues. If we were already thinking locally and acting locally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but because Americans now embrace one size fits all policies, expect to ask “Where’s the beef? more frequently. I discuss the problem in this episode …more

Podcast Episode 311: Open Borders?

Did open borders cause a spike in COVID infections? In the United States, New York was public enemy #1. Most cases across the eastern half of the US (and in some cases the western)were brought from NYC. If the States shut down their borders, even to interstate travel, could this have been prevented? Americans should be talking about “open borders” in general terms. I do …more

Podcast Episode 310: The Constitution Party

After Episode 309 on Justin Amash and the Libertarian Party, several listeners asked me to produce an episode on the Constitution Party. This was easy. I have long been interested in the Constitution Party, and while their current crop of candidates is not that great, I thought an overview of their platform would allow me to discuss the issues related to each. Think locally, act …more

Podcast Episode 308: America’s “republican” Heritage

That’s not a typo in the title. The late Mel Bradford hit a home run with his essay “A Teaching for Republicans,” an essay I bring to you in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show. Why? Because he clearly outlines the importance of Roman history–most importantly republican Roman history–during the founding period. This destroys the “proposition nation” myth of the left and the right. …more

Podcast Episode 307: “First Amendment” Protests

Protests over “First Amendment” violations by State and local governments have popped up across the United States in recent weeks. Americans have petitioned their State legislators to stop the violation of their “Constitutional right” to assembly or to halt violations of the “First Amendment.” This is cutting their nose off to spite their face. Is the “First Amendment” the issue or something else? I discuss …more

Podcast Episode 306: Neo Federalism or Feudalism?

Is the United States on the path to a renewed interest in the Articles of Confederation? COVID-19 has certainly forced governors to spare with the general government over how to manage the internal affairs of the United States. This has led to a call for more decentralization and ABC News of all places to cite the 10th Amendment. One writer thinks we are headed for …more

Podcast Episode 305: Is Tradition an “Ism”?

COVID-19 is racist. Don’t believe me? Just look at how the new Left is responding to the virus and government action to tame the pandemic. If you use “Chinese Virus” you are racist. Because the virus has affected the black American community in larger numbers than white Americans, any talk about reopening the economy is “racist.” And because Steve Bannon and other “Traditionalist” figures have …more

Podcast Episode 304: Trump is the Law?

Donald Trump has declared “I am the Law!” Judge Dredd is back in town. At least he said this for about 24 hours, but even what backpedaling, he said governors must respect his authority. What has happened to the American presidency, and more importantly, is Trump correct? No, he isn’t, but Trump is a symptom of the disease and the infatuation with the American civic …more

Podcast Episode 303: The Bomb

Did the United States end World War II in Japan by dropping two atomic weapons? That has long been the contention, but beginning in 1969, scholars have challenged that position. A fairly recent book by Ward Wilson suggests the bomb had nothing to do with ending the War and was unnecessary. I discuss this position in a COVID-19 free episode. We need more normal.

Podcast Episode 302: Locals Only

Is it legal for local governments to ban outsiders? This is a pressing question in the quarantine age, and many areas are attempting what just a few weeks ago would have seeming impossible. And it’s legal. This is the think locally, act locally renaissance. I discuss in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.