Podcast Episode 129: Tradition and America

Tom Fleming at the Fleming Foundation recently wrote several posts on social media about tradition. This was a Socratic exercise in defining tradition and other political terms with the goal of finding a deeper understanding of the “ism” of tradition. As Dr. Fleming illustrates, tradition and ideology are incompatible, but nevertheless are often lumped together. That said, what is the value of tradition and does …more

Podcast Episode 128: Tariffs and the Constitution

Tariffs are one of the more contentious issues in American history. The debate over their necessity and constitutionality begins in the period leading to the American War for Independence and has continued unabated since. They were a key ingredient in the “sectional conflict” and men both North and South questioned whether they were necessary or constitutional. I provide two examples in this episode of the …more

Podcast Episode 127: Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight?

One common critique of Southern secession centers on the argument that it was a rich man’s effort without any support from the rest of the South, or that less wealthy Southerners were duped into supporting a war for “rich men.” Both of these arguments are false, and I explain why in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 126: Human Scale

Kirkpatrick Sale is the leading authority on the discussion and study of size and scale in government. His 1980 book “Human Scale” is, in many respects, the basis of the “Think locally, Act locally” message. I discuss his conclusions, a new edition of his book, and the importance of small is beautiful on this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 125: The Trail of Tears

This show is a little different because I discuss a historical subject without any contemporary commentary. This is all history, but I do approach it from a decidedly different perspective. There are some misconceptions about the Indian Removal Act and the several “Trail of Tears” that followed along with a misunderstanding of John Marshall’s motives in separate SCOTUS decisions. This one is chock full of …more

Podcast Episode 124: General Kelly vs. “Historians”

Establishment historians have a new reason to throw a temper tantrum: General John Kelly. Kelly was the first guest on the new Laura Ingraham Angle on Fox News and according to these “actual historians,” he stepped in it. Kelly had the audacity to call Robert E. Lee a great man and to opine that the War could have been avoided. This led to a Washington …more

Podcast Episode 123: What is a “State?”

The Radical Republicans were fond of a constitutional theory known as “state suicide.” Essentially, they believed that when the Southern States seceded from the Union, the State committed suicide and thus reverted to territorial status. This leads to several interesting legal and philosophical questions, not the least of which is what is an American State? I discuss this in detail in this episode of The …more

Podcast Episode 122: Hollywood and Hollywierd

With all of the attention Hollywood has been getting in recent weeks, I thought it would be good to do a show on the problems of Hollywierd and what they represent in modern America. It is not just about Harvey Weinstein or a “lack of creativity,” it is part and parcel of the culture war taking place in America today. It is a lack of …more

Podcast Episode 121: Race and Reunion

I was told by an “actual historian” who teaches at Princeton the other day to “get to reading.” Why did he suggest I do this? Because I had the audacity to insist that he provide evidence that Confederate monuments were erected to “obscure bi-racial democracy.” His “proof” was David Blight’s book “Race and Reunion.” This professor assumed I had never read the book, and one …more

Podcast Episode 120: Originalism is “Extreme”

United States Senate candidate Roy Moore has been called an “extremist” for supporting…gasp…the founding generation and the Constitution. This is a troubling development but one that has been years in the making. The latest character assassination comes at the hands of CNN who ran a hit piece on Moore and The Tenth Amendment Center last week. Go figure. The attempt is clearly to reduce Moore’s …more