Can “Liberal Nationalism” Save America?

Michael Lind has been drumming the same tune for nearly thirty years: American political problems can only be solved by “liberal nationalism.” Lind is widely regarded as a “conservative,” and publications like Chronicles have reviewed his work, the latest being an attack on the “managerial elite” in his 2020 book The New Class War. Lind is a good writer–he was a senior editor for The …more

“Radical Federalism” or Just Federalism?

Lincolnian nationalists have started to see the light, but they still don’t really understand their new perspective. A senior fellow at the Claremont Institute thinks some type of “radical decentralization” might be the only path forward for the United States. This would involve not just federalism, but decentralization to the city and county level. I have to ask, is this really radical or just the …more

Woke Generals Fear Losing Money

Woke generals are nothing new. During the War for Southern Independence and Reconstruction, woke Northern generals operating as Republican Party partisans set out to remake America. And they let Southerners know about it. In one of the most hilarious recorded episodes, a woke German immigrant general attempted to instruct former Confederate General Richard Taylor on what it meant to be an American. Taylor smiled, thanked …more

Biden’s Extra Legislative “Democracy”

Now that HR 1 failed to make it through the Congress, the left has dusted off their old playbook: take “voting rights” violations to the courts. You see, the supposed defenders of “democracy” can’t ever get much of their agenda done democratically, so they rely on the federal court system to ram it down the throats of the American public. In fact, when the left’s …more

Could You Buy a Cannon?

Joe Biden is a gaffe machine. Back in May 2020 when he was still candidate Biden, Coma Joe argued that you couldn’t buy a cannon. Even the sympathetic media ripped him apart. No matter. Biden’s mental incompetence allowed him to double down on the stupid claim last week, all while suggesting that in order to resist the government you need F-15s and nuclear missiles. It …more

Federalism is the New Woke

United States Senator Ron Johnson told a Wisconsin audience over the weekend that Republicans need to ditch federal office and take over State and local governments. Who else has been saying this for years now? It seems “conservatives” are finally understanding the real game that needs to be played. Forget the center and focus on where the rubber hits the road. All politics are, in …more

Oh, Canada!

The Brion McClanahan Show is international, and the largest number of listeners outside of the United States hail from Canada. I told you I like to produce listener generated episodes, and when I received two requests from listeners North of the U.S. border, I thought it was the right time to feature a Canadian themed show. Most people in the United States don’t realize that …more

I Told You So, Neocon

A couple of months ago, I wrote a piece for Chronicles magazine taking the 1776 Commission Report to task. You can’t be called a “conservative” if you’re attempting to “conserve” a left wing agenda. Case in point, the Commission trumpeted Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Martin Luther King while placing all the evils of American society at the feet of John C. Calhoun, the …more

The End of Slavery?

Both the Senate (by unanimous consent) and the House of Representatives approved a bill making June 19th a federal holiday. Fourteen Republicans voted against the bill in the House. There should have been more. This isn’t because we shouldn’t celebrate liberty and emancipation. On the contrary. A case could easily be made that such a celebration should have happened decades ago. Slavery in all forms …more

Trump’s Return to the Presidency?

According to a few news outlets, Trump has suggested to some advisors that he thinks he’ll be back in August. And by “back” he means in the presidency. Is this really going to happen? Not likely. It would take a legal miracle. The Constitution does not have a “reinstatement” clause. Trump would need the Supreme Court to declare him the rightful winner of the 2020 …more