Texas Secession!

Secession may be on the ballot in Texas.

At least it may be on the Republican primary ballot.

Proponents of Texas Secession (TEXIT) have gathered close to 100,000 signatures on the issue, meaning the Republican Party may be forced to include it on the primary ballot, as per State law.

This is a big development.

For years, the Texas Republican Party has resisted a grassroots effort to have a vote on the issue. Some Lincolnian legislators have called those who support it traitors who don’t understand either the Texas or United States Constitutions.

They aren’t bright, as I pointed out here.

This is, of course, a minor step forward, and Texas secession faces monumental hurdles. And they need to do it correctly through a State convention.

That said, no one would have thought this was possible even twenty years ago. The Texas Nationalist Movement has worked tirelessly to pull it off, and more people are being educated about the original Constitution.

Why do you think all of the Fonerites on the left have conceded that originalists were right all along, but we have this new Constitution called the 14th Amendment.

They have been making this argument for half a century, but it has gained steam recently because of victories like the Texas secession initiative.

We still need to educate more people on the topic. Most Americans think that secession and violence are synonymous, when in fact there is nothing more peaceful than saying live and let live. “You govern California the way you want, we’ll have Texas for Texians.”

It’s really a win, win.

There are important Constitutional questions that need to be addressed, and I talk about some of those and Texas secession on Episode 909 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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