An Activist Historian’s Bad Take on “Insurrection”

If you’ve been listening to my show or reading my emails for even a few weeks, you know I am very hard on establishment activists…historians.

And for good reason.

They are destroying both the “profession” and more importantly traditional America.

Most of these “experts” make glaring mistakes on a regular basis. Their goal is never to understand. They want to wield history like a sword and require strict obedience to their interpretations of the past.

Heretics will be ostracized.

It’s better just to never be in their worthless company.

Take for example University of Virginia Professor Elizabeth Varon.

Varon has spent her entire career promoting the Righteous Cause Myth.

Fairy tale would be a better description.

Her first two books took the traditional path to a tenure track job: race, class, gender.

Coupled with an anti-Southern bias, they were certainly red meat for the dopes who run university presses in the United States.

She then wrote one decent book, Disunion!, where she argued that fear over the dissolution of the United States was an important factor in American politics for decades. This wasn’t a new revelation, and of course she wrote it to show that Southerners were on the “wrong side of history” in 1860 and 1861, but nevertheless it had some merit.

The next two are pure Righteous Cause drivel, and her latest on James Longstreet shows where the establishment activists are headed.

Why couldn’t all Southerners be like James Longstreet, the Confederate who became a Republican?

You see, Varon is one of these activists who argues that the only problem with Reconstruction is that it did not go far enough.

She also scribbles opinion pieces for various leftist publications that attempt to convince brain dead Americans that everything conservatives want to do in America is based on race.

Or hate.

Or a desire to force racism and hate on everyone else.

Better yet, all of these things can be tied to the South, except James Longstreet who rejected Southern sins of race and hate.

Even Donald Trump should have listened to James Longstreet and said he was sorry for being an insurrectionist.

Trump’s sin is that he did not genuflect to people like Elizabeth Varon. He showed no remorse for being a racist hate monger who told people to protest against the government.

Like the Rump Republicans during the American Reign of Terror in the 1860s, these people want your head.

Just look at what they did the statue of Robert E. Lee.

I bet Varon danced around her living room with a box of wine after reading the Washington Post story about the event.

Lee wasn’t executed in the 1860s, but the wokies executed his statue in 2023.

Good enough.

But of course, this all makes for great Podcast fodder, so I have a bit of fun at Varon’s expense on Episode 905 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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