Podcast Episode 262: Can Roman History Save America?

Professor Steele Brand wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post arguing that Roman History should be the savoir of America. The founding generation were certainly reared on stories of Roman republicanism, there is little doubt that this type of republicanism molded the culture of the founding generation. But can this help us today? In short, yes, but not completely in the way Brand suggests.

Podcast Episode 261: Should Trump Be Impeached?

The big question of the day: has Trump committed impeachable offenses? The talking points have been distributed and almost every Democratic presidential candidate insists that Trump violated his oath of office. It’s almost as if they read my book 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America. Except, if they had, they would know that their position is on thin ice, at least in regard to the …more

Podcast Episode 260: Most Americans Need Think Locally Act Locally Education

Donald Trump is facing impeachment. Climate alarmists are twerking in DC. The Republicans in Washington are still spineless, and the Democrats are lunatics, and I say to myself, what a wonderful world. Why? Because none of that matters. I adopted a think locally, act locally mentally long ago. Most Americans, however, do not share the same attitude as evidenced by a recent poll. They can’t …more

Podcast Episode 259: Another Leftist Blames the South

The Washington Post published a piece by journalist Eve Fairbanks a few weeks back titled, “The ‘reasonable rebels.’” Guess what? Everything we hate about American politics, particularly the rhetoric from the right, is because the South ruined America. That’s right. You really can’t make up this kind of stupidity, but Eve Fairbanks tried. You see, there is really nothing to modern right wing political discourse. …more

Podcast Episode 258: Guelzo’s Reconstruction Gaffe

Professor Allen Guelzo has a new video at Prager U “explaining” the “good, bad, and ugly” of Reconstruction. Anyone that has watched a Prager U video knows where this is headed. I laughed through the entire six minutes. Guelzo has a history of South hating rhetoric, and he is a Lincolnian’s Lincolnian. This guy never met a war he didn’t like, an occupation he didn’t …more

Podcast Episode 257: Do the States make people hate each other?

Professor Donald Kettl has an interesting spin on the current partisanship in America. In his mind, the States are driving conflict. Why? Because they are passing legislation other States don’t like in an effort to push an agenda. Sounds like history to me. It also misses the point. The only way this would create conflict is through nationalism. I explain the real issue in this …more

Podcast Episode 256: Professor Cries Over Trump

Rutgers Professor Ross Baker wrote an opinion piece in the USA Today crying over Trump’s impact on the executive office. This is pure leftist derangement hysteria. As I discussed in the last episode, Trump is a symptom of the disease. If Professor Baker is just now coming to the conclusion that the executive branch is broken, where has he been for the last three decades? …more

Podcast Episode 255: Has Donald Trump Screwed Up America?

I have probably been asked this question a thousand times. Has Donald Trump screwed up America? I have held off answering it for a while, simply because his term is incomplete, but I thought I could partially answer it today with the same criteria I used to rate the other presidents. Trump is a symptom of the disease.

Podcast Episode 254: The 1619 Project and John C. Calhoun

The leftist 1619 Project is perhaps the worst piece of popular history to hit the market since Bill Oreilly’s “Legends and Lies,” and that was just a few months ago. This seems to be trend. Produce some idiotic drivel for your echo chamber to either sell books or sell newspapers. Except the progs don’t usually waste much time commenting on Bill Oreilly history and for …more

Podcast Episode 253: Little Jemmy and the Gerrymander

Politico ran a piece the other day slamming Gerrymandering because it almost prevented Little Jemmy Madison from being elected to the First Congress. The horror. The piece was typical Leftist nonsense with a bit of hysterical hyperbole and a scattering of incongruous arguments. And it was written by a “journalism” professor. Go figure. I take it down in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.