What is the Greatest Threat to America?

I like reading Jonathan Turley. He is about as honest as a lawyer can get, no offense to any lawyers on my list. I know a few better than Turley.

He’s sometimes wrong, but so is everyone else, even yours truly at times.

That said, that sometimes happened in a recent column he wrote for Fox News.

Turley thinks the greatest threat to America is “anti-constitutionaism.”

This is boilerplate “conservative” speak.

If we just went back to the Constitution, everything would be alright.

Turley argues that too many Americans on both the left and the right have given up on the document.

This is true, but they’ve given up on it for good reason.

No one has really paid attention to it since 1789. Not the Supreme Court. Not the Congress. And with very few exceptions, not the President.

Some patriots in the States tried, but they were consistently thwarted by the Supreme Court and then finally by bullets.

The Constitution was dead once the First Congress started legislating. See Section 25 of the 1789 Judiciary Act.

I once had an Internet troll jumping up and down in jubilation because he had me “admit” that I think the Constitution is a flawed document, and that it should not have been ratified.

So what? I’ve said it so many times, that isn’t news.

I also suggest that if we followed the Constitution as ratified, we would not have the political problems plaguing the United States today.

But that ship sailed a long time ago.

The federal republic died a slow and painful death. It was finally put down by St. Abraham the Wise and his Republican reptiles in 1861.

St. Patrick shooed the snakes out of Ireland. St. Abraham charmed them into perpetual power.

The rest is unconstitutional history piled on by more unconstitutional history.

Of course, the States still have powers–they have never been fully eliminated–but it will require more people realizing the emperor has no clothes before they can embrace the bedrock of the American political system: federalism.

Turley’s piece made for great Podcast fodder, and a listener sent it my way, so I cover it on Episode 892 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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