What is the Real Lie About the “Civil War”?

What is the greatest lie about the Civil War[sic]?

If you asked a few dopey establishment professors, they would certainly say “The Lost Cause” while pointed a finger at you and sneering “Neo-Confederate.”

They really believe that there are in the minority on this issue.

I would argue that they have become so entrenched in establishment America that simply uttering anything contrary to their views is considered heresy.

Want proof?

How many “Lost Cause” mythologists are employed at major research institutions in the United States?

If you answered anything above zero, you would be wrong.

But the establishment professions keeps acting like they are on the losing side of the issue, and that their tenure hangs in the balance.

If that were only true.

No, the greatest lie is the “Righteous Cause Myth,” a lie much more pernicious and dangerous.

That myth has led to the massive bureaucratic, regulatory “United State” Empire and the accompanying destruction of the American tradition.

Thousands of Americans have died on foreign soil for this lie.

If you like the income tax, “righteous” wars for empire, big government, inflation, and unlimited immigration, Lincoln is your man.

Anyone who argues otherwise is a fool.

Or lying.

That would apply to the establishment historical profession who often know what they are saying is not true but who also know that telling the truth would not make them media celebrities.

These dorks have been dorks for so long that when the pretty cool kids listen to them, they can’t help but lie.

Plus, as this piece by Jacob Hornberger argues, if you told the truth about the vindictive and immoral nature of the War, it would destroy the entire fabric of the United States.

A house built on a lie cannot stand.

Or maybe it can if you tell it often enough and people believe it.

But of course, the lie makes for great Podcast fodder, so I discuss it on Episode 894 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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