The Neocon Value of Union

Glenn Ellmers wonders if America is too unified.

This is a stunning confession. Ellmers is a disciple of Harry Jaffa. If you don’t know Jaffa, he long argued secession was illegal.

Ellmers still thinks so, but if the other States agreed to boot out some of the red States, then perhaps secession could be constitutional.

That would be the only way, however.

This is a tortured piece. Ellmers knows something is gravely wrong with America. He knows that the left and right in America are heading for a political divorce. But he also can’t wrap his head around the solution.

Nor can he get over his life-long Lincoln worship and the myth of the indissoluble national union of “one people.”

That makes his confession that perhaps secession or a Madisonian effort at nullification that much more shocking.

I have mentioned before that when Rush Limbaugh started talking about secession, the idea is winning.

Now that neocons are bringing it up, everything is on the table.

This may in fact be the political issue of the 21st century. The system is flying apart no matter how hard the nationalists try to keep it together.

That is a fact.

Joe Biden’s unity is anything but, and people know it. The woke social justice warriors won’t stop until every vestige of traditional America is torn down, and they have his ear.

The neoconservatives can’t understand that Lincoln is the root cause of all of this nonsense. One size-fits all government only works when you have a homogeneous political and social order. America has never had that, not even in the early founding period.

The founding generation knew it, too, which is why they wanted a federal rather than singular republic.

Ellmers might not be right in much of this essay, but because he eventually talked about secession, it was worth an episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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