Family Wants Their Money Back From Woke University

In one of the best stories I’ve read in a long while, a family is demanding that a woke university return their cash.

The University of Richmond decided to rename the T.C. Williams Law School because he owned slaves.

But instead of rolling over, the family has decided to go on the offensive.

Descendants have sent letters to the University arguing that if the school is too good for the Williams name, it should return the Williams money.

One claim argued that the original gift would be valued at $51 million today. It gets better. Another argues that the full University endowment of over $3 billion should be handed over because the school would not exist without T.C. Williams.


This demand also allowed for the school to write a promissory note for the remaining $300 million by using all the school’s buildings and faculty assets to secure the loan.

Of course, a court would never agree to such demands, but the family might have standing to sue, and if so, and depending on the judge, the school may have to cough up a pretty penny for their actions.

It would be sweet justice. This is the way.

I would also encourage anyone on this news letter to avoid sending your cold hard cash to schools that spit on who you are. A piece of paper is often necessary for employment, but your giving can stop once you, your children, or grand children graduate.

Don’t give them another dime. Money talks.

Send your dough to organizations like The Abbeville Institute or Mises Institute instead. They are doing the real work of education.

This story did make for great Podcast fodder.

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