You Wanna Publish a Conservative Book?

Book publishing isn’t an easy game. Most books never sell more than one thousand copies.

Nonfiction is the most difficult market of all, and with the proliferation of self-publishing, everyone has a book.

This isn’t a bad development. Many people have an idea they want to market and they work hard to do it.

The recent brick and mortar book store apocalypse has made getting your book seen, even if it is published by a big New York publishing house, that much harder.

Conservatives have always had to rely on small publishers. I have published five books with Regnery, long considered the premier conservative publishing house.

They have had a lot of success, but even that is now tenuous.

You can try to get an agent, but selling books to publishers in this market is almost impossible.

We may be at the point where physical books are going to become expensive luxury items that most people choose not to have.

Of course, millennials think it makes you look like an adult to arrange your books by color, so who needs books to read? Ridiculous.

My last book and my forthcoming book are self-published. Tom Woods went this route, as have many other authors.

It just doesn’t pay to give the publishing houses a chunk of your cash if you can avoid it.

Most of them hate us anyway. Why make them money?

I talk about book publishing in episode 437 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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