NASCAR and Woke America

I remember watching the Daytona 500 in February 2001. Any NASCAR fans knows what happened at the end of the race.

Dale Earnhardt was killed in a nasty collision with the wall.

Wells King at The American Conservative pegs that moment as the day NASCAR died.

NASCAR went woke without the influence of The Intimidator around.

Today, you can’t bring a Confederate flag into a race or chant “Let’s Go Brandon.”

The sport ignores or outright rejects its base and expects the same people to show up and continue to support its agenda.

That says more about NASCAR fans than NASCAR itself.

NASCAR is a major corporation and like any other professional sports league believes it needs to appeal to a “broad” array of fans. More importantly, they don’t want to get sued.

What’s funny is that all of these leagues believe appealing to a “broad” fan base means embracing cancel culture and every other vestige of leftist America.

And you know what? NASCAR is still the subject of jokes and ridicule by the more “enlightened” members of American society.

It’s almost as if NASCAR would be better off just being the sport of white working class Southerners.

I understand why people who grew up with the sport still want to watch. I feel the same way about Major League Baseball. It’s hard to abandon the things you like because knuckleheads ruin something great.

But every fan should go in with eyes wide open and understand that corporate America has declared war on traditional American society.

NASCAR is just one example.

King’s article is worth a read, so I cover it on episode 624 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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