A War Over the History of Slavery?

If you listen to the woke idiots on the left, you would think that no American has ever heard about slavery, or that they have been taught that slavery was a benevolent institution devoid of any “sin.”

You see, if we just doubled down and taught more woke history, then America would be alright.

I guess they missed the massively popular 12 Years a Slave, or Django Unchained. Or perhaps they forgot that just about every American in both public and private school is required to read Uncle Tom’s Cabin or selections by Frederick Douglass. Or maybe they were unaware that most white American school children–even in places with few “people of color”–list Harriet Tubman as one of their favorite people in history.

They also probably think it’s settled that Thomas Jefferson had at least six children with Sally Hemings (it’s not), and that Robert E. Lee had slaves brutally whipped (he didn’t). They would also think of slavery first with George Washington and call Patrick Henry a hypocrite for saying “give me liberty or give me death” while owning slaves.

In other words, Americans get a lot of history about slavery, and generally all from one side.

I bet most of these same Americans have never hard of William Gilmore Simms, and the only thing they know about John C.Calhoun was that he said slavery was a “positive good” without any context.

They certainly have never been exposed to Eugene Genovese or Fogel and Engerman’s Time on the Cross.

But now the wokies insist that we need to have a real discussion about slavery. We have been, for decades.

Still, this has led to the 1619 Project and the mainstreaming of Critical Race Theory. A recent interview in GQ magazine highlights the stupidity of this side. They criticize those who scoff at their conclusions as being afraid of evidence, but the evidence is generally against the woke mob. They also openly (though unknowingly) admit that the real issue is power. They want it and will use history as a weapon to get it.

If more Americans critically examined the “intellectual” substance of the woke mob, they would never give them ten seconds of their time.

That’s why it’s important to point out their idiotic conclusions and blatant hypocrisy whenever possible.

I do so on episode 564 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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