States Need to Stop Slopping at the Trough

My slogan “Think locally, act locally” has inspired a lot of people to get active in local government.

That’s great, but some have figured out that the federal Leviathan has its teeth in just about every level of American society.

That makes it difficult to break free from Washington D.C.

But what if the solution was as simple as saying, “No.”

I don’t mean refusing to comply with unconstitutional edicts from King Biden.

What if these local and State governments just stopped taking the federal cash.

A few cities in Texas did just that. They didn’t like the strings attached to the “pandemic” money so they just refused to take it.

Problem solved.

If you don’t want the feds pulling your strings, don’t be their puppet.

Mike Maharrey had a great article on this at The Tenth Amendment Center.

This is easier said than done as most States are addicted to the federal cash drip and often use it to balance budgets. The drug is real.

Much of this is due to ignorance. Why, it’s just free money, right?

And it’s helping people.

Yep, by slapping us with massive inflation and federal dependency.

States would have to figure out how to pay for gaps in services if they really wanted them. During the ratification conventions, many opponents of the Constitution worried that the States would not have the ability to tax properly. In other words, they thought federal taxes would choke out State revenue.

They were right, though it’s taken centralization on a scale that not even proponents of the Constitution wanted.

They argued the States would always have to raise revenue because their jobs were in many respects more important than that of the general government.

You know, things like schools, jails, health care, etc were all under the purview of the States.

Tell a sitting member of Congress that today and most of them will look at you like you’ve got three heads.

But this is exactly what locally thinking people need to be doing. Get off the federal cash drip and the feds have no power.

I discuss this issue on Episode 581 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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