Cancel Culture Commies

Dr. Seuss is being canceled? Not so fast. Only six of his books are being shelved by the publisher. But conservatives everywhere went nuts over another round of cancel culture. At first glance, this looks like an open and shut case of idiotic overreach. Seuss published material indicative of the time in which he lived when people weren’t overly sensitive and when only sticks and …more

The Neocon Con on King

Was Martin Luther King, Jr. a conservative? Social justice conservatives would have you believe so. The same would hold for Elizabeth Cady Stanton and a host of other reformers who would have rejected the term outright during their lifetimes. See Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Paul Gottfried argues that’s the point in a recent essay for Chronicles magazine. American conservatives trip over themselves trying to …more

Lincoln’s Mercenaries

John Randolph of Roanoke always had a good quip, and more often than not a prescient position on a contemporary event. Take standing armies. Randolph thought that standing armies were a form of welfare. People who could not obtain work often joined the military. Not much has changed. The modern United States army will fork over up to $40,000 for recruits to sign up. That …more

The Lincolnian Myth

What is a myth? To many Americans, a myth denotes a lie, a fairy tale that cannot be proven. Take for example the “Lost Cause” myth and how establishment historians use the term myth as a pejorative. But myths are the foundation of much of our historical consciousness, and a recent piece in The Smithsonian Magazine wants Americans to subscribe to a certain myth about …more

The Tenth Amendment’s Original Intent

You might recall that back in December I talked about the lawsuit Texas filed in federal court to try to stop the certification of the Electoral College results. They built their case around the “Electors Clause” of the Constitution, meaning that the Constitution explicitly states that the Electors are to be chosen by the legislatures of the States. Article I, Section 4 also declares that …more

Beating Incorporation

America isn’t in trouble because of Joe Biden. Uncle Joe wouldn’t remember to tie his shoes unless someone told him to do it. America isn’t in trouble because of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and “The Squad.” They are too stupid and mentally unstable to be taken seriously, though most leftists on Twitter seem to do so. That alone is an appalling commentary on American politics. America is …more

Biden Should Play More MarioKart

In 2012, I wrote a piece for the Daily Caller titled, “President Obama Doesn’t Play Enough Golf.” Critics complained that Obama spent too much time hitting the links and not enough time in the Oval Office. How wrong they were. The more Obama sat behind his desk in Pennsylvania Avenue, the more damage he did with a pen and a phone. Biden has ripped a …more

Blue State Secession?

You know you are winning when so called “Blue States” are talking about secession. Case in point, CALEXIT or a host of other secessionist movements that popped up during the Trump administration. It’s hard to determine if these are going to be lasting secession movements. Progressives typically love centralized power too much to give it up, but then again, so do neoconservatives. Which is why …more

The Real Reason for Union Monuments

If you listen to the woke idiots on the left (and neocon right), Confederate monuments were built to honor and perpetuate white supremacy and slavery. This would logically mean that the Union monuments built during the same period would explicitly state that they were built to honor abolition and egalitarianism. Except very few of them say anything about either. In fact, they don’t typically mention …more

Podcast Episode 402: Obama the Best President?

According to a poll from YouGov and The Economist, a plurality of respondents think Barack Obama is the best president in American history. This is stunning. Donald Trump was also ranked in the top five, which means most Americans don’t know history beyond the last two decades. Sad, but true. Which is why you need this show. I talk about the poll and “President’s Day” …more