Podcast Episode 302: Locals Only

Is it legal for local governments to ban outsiders? This is a pressing question in the quarantine age, and many areas are attempting what just a few weeks ago would have seeming impossible. And it’s legal. This is the think locally, act locally renaissance. I discuss in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 301: The Only Thing We Have to Fear

Franklin Roosevelt delivered one of the most important speeches in American history on March 4, 1933. It is one of the top three addresses in presidential history and perhaps the transformational speech of the 20th century. Why? You probably know a line or two, but most people have never read this short but important speech. Since I can’t teach in class right now, you are …more

Podcast Episode 300: Constitution Owner’s Manual

Let’s return to first principles. In honor of the 300th episode, I thought it would be important to discuss where think locally, act locally gets it constitutional juice, and there is no better way to do it than by discussing a new book by Mike Maharrey, Constitution Owner’s Manual. This is vitally important in the age of the Chinese virus and the suppression of civil …more

Podcast Episode 299: What Can Save America?

What will America look like in three months? If the quarantines continue, and it looks like they will for the foreseeable future, what will happen to the United States both politically and economically? These are difficult questions to answer, but I surmise that the Southern tradition has much to say about it. I can’t predict the future, but I can make some suggestions on how …more

Podcast Episode 298: Presidential Crisis

When did the president become the Doctor in Chief, or the Banker in Chief, or the Landscaper in Chief? When it become acceptable for the president to weigh in on every crisis in the United States? We have come to believe the president should “calm the nation” or lead the recovery effort in every bad situation. This is not what the founding generation had in …more

Podcast Episode 297: Quarantine

Does the general government have the power to quarantine people? How about banning travel? If not, do the States have this power? This are pressing constitutional questions in the age of COVID-19. Judge Napolitano wrote that he considers all such bans, at both the State and Federal level, to be unconstitutional. A listener wanted my opinion on the Washington State prohibition on large gatherings, so …more

Podcast Episode 296: Joe Biden

It seems Glass Joe is going to be the Democrat nominee. What does this mean for the future of the Democrat Party? Not much. The real juice is going to be who he picks for VP. We are witnessing a repeat of the 1840 Whig Party and the 1850s Democrats. The future is not great for a unified left, which isn’t a bad thing. And …more

Podcast Episode 295: The 1776 Project

The 1619 Project has led to the forthcoming 1620 Project and the 1776 Project. If nothing else, the 1619 Project achieved its core goal of starting a conversation. The 1620 Project will be worthless and the 1776 Project is not far behind. These are the “conservative” counters to the 1619’s historical inaccuracies. Unfortunately, the 1776 falls flat. It is nothing more than boilerplate Lincolnian nationalist …more

Podcast Episode 294: History by Men, About Men, For Men?

A new book on George Washington, You Never Forget Your First by Alexis Coe, promises to give a fresh perspective on the first president. How? Why its written by women and for women about men. We’ve never seen this before, right? It’s so laughable it’s sad, but Coe honestly thinks she is blazing new trails with this book. The corporate press has been aglow at …more

Podcast Episode 293: How Would Secession Work?

Several listeners have asked about the practical application of secession. How would it work? Is it legal? How could a State secede from the Union? Can counties secede from States? These are big questions, so I provide the answers in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.