Podcast Episode 292: Is 2020 the New 1860?

The Democrats put on a show last night. It was the masses against Bloomberg and Warren delivered the tomahawk chop. But what does this mean for American politics in 2020? The debates personified everything that is the modern Democrat Party, and more importantly, set the stage for what could be a very interesting 2020 presidential election. I discuss in this episode of The Brion McClanahan …more

Podcast Episode 291: Virginia Secession

With the recent political revolution in Virginia and the slew of legislation coming from the now leftist controlled capital in Richmond, some Virginia counties want to secede and join West Virginia. Is this legally possible? And if so, could it happen? I tackle this interesting question in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 290: Glenn Beck’s Restoring the Covenant

Glenn Beck relies too much on David Barton. How do I know this? His latest event, Restoring the Covenant on the Sacred Land of Gettysburg, is just pure Lincolnian myth making and New England fantasy at its finest. This presents all kinds of problems for American conservatives. In fact, it is more dangerous long term than American progressivism. If American conservatism is defined by Beck’s …more

Podcast Episode 289: Pierre Delecto’s Moment

Mitt Romney, aka Pierre Delecto, had his moment this week. Delecto voted to convict Trump on the “Abuse of Power” charge and in the process made a “moving” speech in the Senate, one that was described as bringing members of the Democrat Party to tears. What a joke. His speech was nothing short of grandstanding hypocrisy and full of holes. I talk about why–and wrap …more

Podcast Episode 288: State of the Union

Trump’s latest “State of the Union” address was pure political theater, from the opening (non) handshake to the shredding of the script. But what about the actual substance? Was Trump right about anything he said? The Democrats embarrassed themselves, the Republicans pumped their fists, and the average voter watched with curious amazement at what has become the greatest show on Earth. Forget the circus, we’ve …more

Podcast Episode 287: Coronavirus!

The hysteria surrounding the coronavirus hasn’t reached its peak. It will when more cases show up in the United States. Hopefully, that won’t happen, but if it does, expect the worst. But what if we thought locally and acted locally? Would a viral pandemic be possible? And how does the coronavirus fit within the history of the “Columbian Exchange”? I discuss all of these issues …more

Podcast Episode 286: Kobe Bryant and the Cult of Personality

Kobe Bryant’s death has been covered wall to wall on network and cable television since it happened Sunday Jan 26, 2020. Both Trump and Obama Tweeted about the crash that killed Bryant and eight others, including the tragic loss of three young teenage girls. We have seen a national outpouring of grief. Just two days before, three American firefighters died in an airplane crash in …more

Podcast Episode 285: 1917

1917 is the best anti-war war movie ever made. Of course there is no shortage of anti-war movies, but 1917 has everything you would want except the sad ending. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but I thought the film deserved an episode along with a little WWI historical inference. What if World War I never happened?

Podcast Episode 284: Electoral College Goes to SCOTUS

The Electoral College is headed to the Supreme Court. This doesn’t mean that SCOTUS will do away with the method of electing the president. It can’t. But it will decide if so called “faithless electors” can be disciplined by the State. In other words, if an elector decides to choose a qualified candidate other than the one who won the popular vote of that State, …more

Podcast Episode 283: Millhiser’s Modest Proposal

Ian Millhiser is always good for a laugh. The fact that Think Progress went belly up couldn’t have happened to a more despicable leftist. No worries. Vox quickly scooped up the king of platitudes and slander so he can continue to spew his leftist fantasies on a regular basis. Take for example a recent piece titled “A Modest Proposal to Save American Democracy.” Without even …more