Podcast Episode 226: Should we love the founding generation?

A listener sent me a long email with three very good questions about the founding generation. Rather than respond in written form to one person, I thought it would be beneficial to respond in a way that everyone could enjoy. If one student has a question, chances are several have the same questions. This was a fun episode, so keep those questions coming.

Podcast Episode 225: “Conservative Democracy?”

Yoram Hazony argues in a piece for First Things that the solution to our political problems is the adoption of what he calls “conservative democracy.” This is a thought provoking piece, but one that falls apart in its core insistence on “nationalism.” We don’t need “conservative democracy.” We need a return to federalism. I discuss in detail in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 224: The Constitution and Executive Power

A leftist professor wants to limit executive power. This should not be news in the Age of Trump. Every leftist wants to do that, but this leftist might be slightly different. Professor Julia Azari wrote a piece for Vox arguing that the Constitution doesn’t do enough to limit executive power and suggests amending it to do so. This is interesting. I suggested the same thing …more

Podcast Episode 223: Rethinking Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is under attack. Who didn’t see this coming? There are, however, people who try to defend the man, but they do so very poorly. One such case is a recent opinion piece in the Richmond Dispatch that gave an offhanded nod of approval to a bunch of Hofstra students who want to take down a Jefferson statue on their campus. How stupid but …more

Podcast Episode 222: Fake News Fakes Its Knowledge About the “Civil War”

Facebook is now “Fact Checking” posts. This is bad news for a variety of reasons, but maybe most embarrassingly because they are using a former CNN reporter to do the fact checking. What could go wrong with that, particularly when they are “fact checking” the civil war [sic]. I hit this issue head on in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 221: The New Yorker Gets it Wrong on Reconstruction

Adam Gopnik at The New Yorker has written one of the most stupid (but typical) pieces on Reconstruction. The presentism, the historical revisionism, and the downright laughable assertions are so cringe worthy, I had to podcast about it. It also makes for a great introduction to my newest course at https://mcclanahanacademy.com Reconstruction and Recreation. This episode was too fun to put together.

Podcast Episode 220: Did Identity Politics Lead to the “Civil War?”

Conservative scholar Daniel Mallock blames identity politics, in particular Southerners, for the sectional conflict and “civil war.” Is he correct? In short, no, at least in regard to the South. He also supports a type of neoconservative nationalism that would find favor with leftists like Jill Lepore. I discuss in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Podcast Episode 219: Creating an Americanism?

Harvard professor Jill Lepore thinks we need to write more nationalist histories of the United States, but they have to be a certain type of nationalist histories. She gets so many things wrong in a recent article for foreignaffairs.com that I had to take her positions apart.