A Progressive Gets It

I’ve been hard on the progressives this week, from those on the “right” like Allen Guelzo and Michael Anton to those on the left like Clint Smith.

Progressives get many things wrong, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again.

A recent piece by Zaid Jilani at Newsweek proves my point.

Wokism is at the heart of the current culture war, and if you consume a lot of media you would think that everyone in America has gone woke and that it is the key issue of our time.

Facts don’t back this up. In fact, most Americans hate the constant focus on race, class, and gender. It doesn’t win elections, it doesn’t resonate with voters, and most people don’t care. This also holds for about half of “people of color.”

That’s refreshing. But you know who does care about such stupidity? White establishment progressives.

You know, those people who send their kids to elite private schools, who vacation with their other elite friends at posh resorts, who attend wine and cheese tasting events at faux European style wineries, and who want to Karen everyone to death.

Those people, you know, Yankees. Doesn’t matter where they live, they’re just Yankees.

Guelzo is a Yankee. Anton is a Yankee. Smith is a Yankee.

And all of the people who gobble up their asinine scribblings are Yankees.

Normal people just want jobs, a safe place to live, and access to a good education. These are the forgotten men, and race doesn’t matter.

Anton likes to think he’s one of the “deplorables,” but the man wouldn’t know the working class if it hit him in the face.

This is why establishment Yankees started wearing blue jeans. They wanted to be one of the commoners.

But no matter how hard they project, they will never be a working class stiff.

This comes down to two things: guilt and money. Those who peddle in wokism know they can soak these guilty progressives for cash, and these guilty white progressives have cash to burn. It makes them feel better to donate to BLM, the SPLC, or some other fraudulent crusade while living in a gated community and sending their kids to be taught by elitists like Guelzo or Kevin Kruse at Princeton.

Except it doesn’t win elections, and the panic legislation put forward by progressives means they know it. The only way to win is to rig the system in their favor.

History might be on the ballot, but jobs and safety are always more important.

Zaid Jiliani gets it. This is rare, so enjoy it.

I discuss Jilani’s piece on Episode 442 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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