A Red Wave or a Red Ripple?

A lot of people on the right are banking on a “red wave” this November to turn the tide of American politics.

Uncle Joe’s approval ratings are tanking, and the Democrats don’t seem to have a clue about what is causing the worst inflation since the 1970s.

Americans are tired of the culture war, tired of woke stupidity, tired of mental illness being called normal, and tired of one-size fits all government policies that usually don’t work.

But the problem, as Paul Gottfried points out, is that the Democrats control large sections of the American electorate, and they can always resort to cheating if they need an extra boost.

Washington D.C. is lost. It should stay lost. This is why I have been preaching think locally, act locally, for years.

Take for example recent elections in California. That State seemed lost, but the idiot leftist DA in San Francisco has been recalled, and the people of LA seemed to be primed to rid themselves of their massive homeless problem by electing someone who promises to clean up the streets.

Americans typically don’t vote for progressive policies once they are implemented.

That is what the federal courts are for, but more on that tomorrow.

You need to get involved in local elections. That is the only way to stem the tide of woke insanity. And your vote matters. My State Senate primary was decided by one vote last week. One vote out of 10,000 ballots. Amazing.

The “national” red wave would be unnecessary if local and State governments just took the bull by the horns and said, “Enough.”

School board races matter. City council seats matter. State offices matter. As Ron DeSantis has shown, the most powerful politicians in America are governors. This isn’t by accident.

I discuss Gottfried’s article and the “red wave” on episode 647 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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