A Trump Appointed Judge Shreds the Constitution

With friends like these.

A Trump appointed judge in Tennessee struck down a Tennessee law that prohibited explicit drag shows in the general public. The bill required such events to be age restricted and indoors.

It did not shut them down. It did not tell drag performers they could not put on a show.

It only mandated that they be behind closed doors to those over 18.

You wonder why these people called it an infringement on their “1st Amendment rights”?


What are they really trying to do?

Regardless, this Trumpian black robe said the bill violated the 1st Amendment.


If this dope of a judge bothered to read any of the debates during the ratification of the Constitution or even the debates regarding the drafting of the 14th Amendment, he would have correctly ruled that this was not a federal issue and could not be heard in federal court. End of story. Case dismissed.

But this is what you get when you vote Republican. Every single time.

“We need more Republican judges” is like saying we need more ice picks in our eyeballs.

We’ve all seen how “Republican” judges keep issuing stupid ruling after stupid ruling. If Tennessee lawmakers and police had any guts, they would continue to enforce the bill and tell the feds to take a hike by invoking the 11th Amendment.

I won’t hold my breath.

The ruling made for a great Brion McClanahan Show episode.

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