Alabama Gun Rights

A State Senator from Alabama wrote a very good bill.

Senator Gerald Allen presented a bill to protect Alabama gun rights. It passed by a crushing majority but not without some Democrat opposition.

You see, “green people” are being killed by “assault weapons.” Aliens.

Or maybe this Democrat was talking about the Mobile Leprechaun.

Either way, this shows how stupid the opposition can be most of the time.

Even when he tried to make an intelligent argument–the bill violates the “supremacy clause” of the Constitution–he missed the mark.

The “supremacy clause” only applies to legislation made in “pursuance” of the Constitution. No federal gun control legislation does that.


I do agree that this law, if passed, could be tied up in court, but it’s written well, and if it doesn’t get watered down has a good chance of checking all the appropriate boxes:

Tenth Amendment: check

Federalist No. 46: check

Non-commandeering: check

Intrastate commerce: check

The only quibble I have is that some of the executive orders Biden presented will operate on individuals and gun shops and will be hard to oppose. In other words, it presents the same problem as opposition to Obamacare.

Individuals or gun shop owners would have to be willing to go to court if they ignored some of Biden’s blatantly unconstitutional gun grab nonsense.

I agree in principle, but this is where the Constitution’s application to individuals becomes problematic.

I loved the bill and discuss it on Episode 426 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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