All Totalitarian Governments are Right Wing?

This is a given, but stupid leftists say stupid things.

And it seems to be getting worse as more “college educated” people are sent into the American workforce.

There’s a reason “Joe the Plumber” had some common sense. He never went to college.

Now, what does that say about yours truly who spent years in universities?

My wife has all the common sense. I just read books.

There are smart people all over the United States without degrees. Smart people who know that Stalin was a communist. So was Castro.

Only “college educated” dimwits think otherwise.

Like Cody Cain at Salon. I’m not sure where he went to school but I would have given his work a “D” at best.

If you look up unwarranted hubris in the dictionary, Cain’s picture will be right next to it.

You see, Cain thinks that Stalin and every other totalitarian dictator of the twentieth century were really just right wingers. Leftists can never be authoritarian. This coming from the guy who wrote a book on how to forcibly take tax money from people.

The difference? That would be done through voting, not dictatorship.

You can’t make up this kind of stupid, but it sure was fun podcasting about it.

I discuss Cain and his stupid arguments in Episode 494 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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