All Your Base Are Belong To Us

If you’re over 50, you probably don’t get the joke in this subject line.

Let me explain.

Several years ago, a video game manufacturer attempted to translate some content for English speaking gamers.

In one hilarious gaffe, the translators wrote, “All you base are belong to us.”

The empire had spoken (broken English). This phrase has now been used as a joke when the establishment does anything stupid, like changing “hundreds” of Confederate names at military installations around the United States.

At least that is the goal. We know this because the renaming commission created by our good Republican friends in Congress has said so.

Our “base are belong” to them.

The team is being partly lead by Woke General Ty Seidule, you know, the guy who wrote his stupid mea culpa, Robert E. Lee and Me.

Conservatives slobbered all over this jackass when he produced a video for Prager U. that insisted slavery was the central cause of the War in 1861.

That would have been news to Lincoln or most other Republicans for that matter. Even blacks who wanted to fight in 1861 were turned away because it was “a white man’s war” to save the Union, not to free the slaves.

An Illinois newspaper wrote in the Spring of 1861 that “if there is one point of honor upon which more than another this administration will stick, it is its pledge not to interfere with slavery in the states.”

Most of these morons know this, which is why they always turn back to the “treason” issue. You see, Confederates committed “treason” when they seceded from the Union.

This is a silly argument that ignores American history up to the War. No one thought secession was treason in the founding generation, and they should know.

They didn’t think it was wise and actively sought to avoid it–at least those outside of New England–but it was a legal move.

Which is why every one of these Confederate names should stay. They reflect reconciliation and the real spirit of Union, not some woke social justice cause that will only lead to more calls for change.

You can never be woke enough. You are on your way to destruction. Make your time.

I discuss the base renaming disaster in Episode 449 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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