America in Decline?

World War III seems to be on the horizon, and every establishment politico is rushing headlong into the abyss.

This is the message from the stammering, boot-licking hacks during the Davos summit a couple of weeks ago.

Except they don’t seem to mind. Climate change, ya know?

A little nuclear war could be good for the environment. Anything to stop global warming.

This is like a new Keynesianism. Instead of digging holes, filling it with money, and digging it out in the name of “prosperity,” we’ll launch a few tactical nukes and wipe out a few cities in the name of stopping “climate change.”

Of course, the extra benefit would be that we would have to rebuild these cities. Cha ching! Keynes is smiling on from hell.

Who is driving all of this new war drum lunacy? The Biden administration, of course.

At least, “the world” now thinks the United States is muscling up again after years of “managed decline.”

They never liked Trump even though he was really one of them. He was just honest about being a crook.

They want to hide the fact.

The Ukraine wants tanks? Sure, how about 31. The Ukraine wants F-16s? On the docket.

How long before the Ukraine wants nukes? That’s coming.

American foreign policy used to be driven by sober realism. Even Biden understands we have natural advantages, i.e. two oceans separating us from the world, and so the United States pursued a real “peace through strength” foreign policy–meaning economic strength–for much of its early history. That was “America First.”

Non-intervention in foreign affairs kept Americans out of foolish European wars. How many more white crosses do we need in Europe?

On second thought, they probably wouldn’t hand out white crosses any more. Too Christian. It would have to be a rainbow flag adorning every grave.

“America First” was always a bad word to the Davos lizards. It meant they had to go at it on their own without American money and blood.

That’s why Biden fits right in and why the establishment is so dangerous.

Corrupt, too. Just wait until more information hits about the Hunter Biden laptop. It’s going to get worse for Joe, at least to the public eye. The establishment clearly wants him out or they wouldn’t have allowed for this information to become public.

It the “world is bullish” on America again, it’s time to stock up on anti-radiation meds.

That can only mean bad things for Americans.

Higher inflation, shortages, and war.

And in contrast to the Bush wars of the 1990s and 2000s, Biden has poked a fight with a bigger and more corrupt bear.

His “mission accomplished” speech may never happen.

I talk about “American Decline” on Episode 768 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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