Are We Headed for a “French Revolution” in America?

Victor Davis Hanson thinks we are headed for a “French Revolution” in America.

He is rightly worried about the culture war, but like all Lincolnites, Hanson does not understand that we’ve already had a “French Revolution.”

It took place between 1861-1865.

This is why I constantly say if you wish to “conserve” Lincolnian Republicanism, you are conserving a leftist revolution.

Leftists are starting to lean into this narrative.

They call the Constitution after the 14th Amendment the 1868 Constitution as opposed to the original Constitution.

They know they own it, and American “conservatives” who argue that Lincoln was, in fact, a conservative don’t have much evidence.

The 1860s Republicans called their opponents “conservatives.”

If we correctly view the 1860s as a revolution, then we would understand that the South was the last section in America attempting to resist the centralizing forces of the nineteenth century.

American conservatism has to be based on the Southern tradition or it never existed.

Yes, there were Northern conservatives, and some were interesting like Fisher Ames and some of the New England secessionists, but the real center of American conservatism was located south of the Mason Dixon.

Everyone knew it, even in the antebellum period.

Regardless, Hanson’s essay made for great Podcast fodder, so I cover it on Episode 809 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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