Biden is Off to a Predictable Start

I tuned into talk radio on my drive home the other day for the first time in months. Sean Hannity had Bill O’Reilly on to talk about Joe Biden. O’Reilly wasn’t killing anyone and neither praised Lincoln, at least during the time I listened.

That’s a start. But they did talk about three things Biden has accomplished since taking office: inflation, a gas crisis, and a border crisis.

He’s off to a roaring start, and these are three things I predicted back on January 19, the day before Biden took office.

Add to that a hot war in the Middle East and you get what the establishment has always provided since World War II: guns and butter.

Both crush the forgotten man in the middle.

You fork over more tax dollars while your purchasing power declines and you lose more and more liberty to the general government.

Vote Republican! Or Democrat! Doesn’t matter.

I know people like to believe Trump would have saved America had those rascals in Congress not impeached him twice and blocked everything he tried to do.

Except he had a Republican controlled Congress for two years and they didn’t do anything they promised to do while on the campaign trail except spend more cash and add to the federal debt.

Again, vote Republican!

Of course, Trump was better on the culture war than anyone in recent memory, but governing with a pen and a phone gets you nowhere when the next elected king does the same thing. Trump also played peacemaker fairly well, and that is his primary role.

It isn’t enough to call him a great or even good president, but Americans are so hungry for anything other than the woke madness of the left they rallied around the charlatan from New York.

Joe Biden doesn’t make anyone angry. He doesn’t mean Tweet. He doesn’t even answer questions.

In some ways, this is great. We shouldn’t care if Joe likes the new electric F-150, nor should we worry about his mutt snipping at someone in the executive mansion.

Joe should be irrelevant. Unfortunately, his actions don’t match his lack of public statements.

But Joe isn’t really at the helm. The progressive left has commandeered the ship, albeit with Joe’s acquiescence. He just wants to sleep in the captain’s quarters and have people call him “Mr. President.”

It was his only goal for much of his nearly fifty year political career. Joe is the archetype for the career politician. 

We have to suffer through another establishment disaster, but this disaster was created long before Joe walked up the driveway to the White House.

I discuss Joe’s awful start in Episode 446 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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