Biden Loses The Lottery

If you’ve been caught up in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial (found not guilty on all counts), you might have missed one of the most bizarre news stories in recent years.

So many States have sued over Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate that the justice department had to use a lottery to select which federal circuit court would hear the case.

You read that right. We are now using ping pong balls to decide the fate of illegal federal acts.

Biden and the Democrats hoped that the 9th Circuit would get the case. It went to the 6th where it is likely to be found unconstitutional.

The Biden administration has urged OSHA to keep pushing for the mandate.

If this isn’t the most tyrannical abuse of power in recent memory, I don’t know what compares.

People that don’t have a COVID vaccine can be fired and companies can be sued hundreds of thousands of dollars for refusing to comply.

Everyone should worry about this naked power grab by the general government not matter your vaccination status.

Of course, this is the result of “conservative” reliance on the federal courts to uphold the Constitution. The real remedy is nullification.

States have already started resisting. More is needed. It is the American tradition.

The federal courts have always been a problem, and now that we have open partisanship from the bench, it will only get worse.

I discuss Biden’s lottery miss on episode 549 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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