Biden Should Play More MarioKart

In 2012, I wrote a piece for the Daily Caller titled, “President Obama Doesn’t Play Enough Golf.” Critics complained that Obama spent too much time hitting the links and not enough time in the Oval Office.

How wrong they were.

The more Obama sat behind his desk in Pennsylvania Avenue, the more damage he did with a pen and a phone.

Biden has ripped a page right from Obama’s playbook. In a shade over one month in office, Uncle Joe has scribbled his name on over thirty executive orders, the most in the history of the office in that time period. He claims this is to erase “the previous guy” from the record. He won’t even call Trump by name.

But Biden promised to work with Congress and to create “unity” in America.

You can’t do that by decree.

You also can’t please his progressive base by being a passive elected king.

Progressives do not settle for vacillating overlords. They want action.

If Biden waffled as president and seemed to be welcoming opposition input, he would be “taken behind the woodshed” by his own Party and publicly humiliated.

Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings.

The progressives are the modern day Puritans. They have elevated politics to a civic religion.

Dissenters will not be tolerated.

That’s cancel culture in a nutshell. Instead of cancelling Christmas, dancing, or music like the seventeenth century Puritans, their modern day descendants cancel anything they don’t like, but mostly difference in opinion or political views.

What about Ted Cruz who jetted off to Cancun while Texas froze?

He should have gone. Why stick around when you can’t do anything about the power grid going down? Last time I checked, Cruz was not in the Texas legislature.

Of course this created bad optics.

Cruz was trashed on social media, but social media isn’t America even if the Left thinks Twitter represents the real world.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NEW YORK raised millions in relief for the people of Texas. Great. I’m sure the people who suffered appreciated the support. But that was also a political move to help get Cruz out of office.

Who knows if it will work, but Cruz didn’t need to shiver to show that he had Texas at heart. Most of the State didn’t lose power.

Remember the media jumped on Cruz but treated Biden with kid gloves for playing MarioKart with his granddaughter while writing puff pieces about his dog or his nighty-night habits and penchant for throwing a log on the fire.

This is the same media that said Trump played golf while American burned.

Last time I checked, we’re still in a “pandemic,” at least that’s what would have been said if Trump was still in office.

But Biden can say we didn’t have COVID vaccines when he took office and the media won’t care.

All they want to know is if he can drive like Luigi.

And if that’s all everyone else had to worry about, I wouldn’t care either.

Biden should play more MarioKart. And maybe he’ll lose his pen.

I discuss this in Episode 405 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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