Biden’s Illegal Edict

We know Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate isn’t constitutional.

Joe Biden knows it isn’t constitutional.

But that didn’t stop him from telling OSHA–yes, OSHA because this is an occupational safety hazard–to issue the mandate to private companies with over 100 employees while the USPS, Congress, and his staff aren’t required to get the vaccine.

It also led to the usual barrage of Twitter lawyers to point out a legal case or two that could be used to defend it in court.

Of course, these Twitter lawyers are usually Hollywood dopes who don’t know what they are talking about.

That means we were back to square one on the issue. It’s unconstitutional, and if the federal courts don’t block it, Americans will have to follow the lead of most of Europe and simply resist.

It’s a shame when Americans have allowed Europe to be more American than America.

COVID has exposed the political Puritans as the real petty tyrants. They can bloviate about “right wing fascists”, but as I’ve pointed out before, there is no more violent or destructive force in Western civilization than the political left. And the left has replaced religion with politics, and these Puritans believe you must conform or be burned at the stake.

That is the real problem in America, and the only solution is political decentralization in some fashion. Political factions can be mitigated with a real federal republic, but not a national, one-size fits all government.

I discuss Biden’s order and the cultural implications in Episode 510 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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