Biden’s Predictably Bad SOU

In case you missed it last week, Joe Biden delivered his “State of the Union” address. We used to call these the annual message, but Woodrow Wilson thought that wasn’t parliamentarian enough and started the current tradition of the President getting going to deliver the message to Congress in person.

He wasn’t the first. Both Washington and Adams did it, but Jefferson stopped the practice, thankfully, for over one hundred years.

His reason? The President is not a king.

With all of the recent news of UFOs, earthquakes, Super Bowls, and other nonsense, the State of the Union has quickly faded.

It should. No one should really pay any attention to it.

But this address was unique for one reason: we are seeing what Wilson wanted, a parliamentarian government in action.

Several years ago, Joe Wilson of South Caroline yelled “You lie!” at Barack Obama during his State of the Union.

This broke decorum and Wilson was ripped in the press.

Why? Because you don’t insult the king, I mean president, to his face on live TV.

But what if the “king” was really just a prime minister who led his party through political battles in the House of Commons. If you’ve ever watched the British Parliament in action, you know how funny this can be.

Republicans yelled, booed, and acted like the British opposition during Biden’s speech. This was the closest I have ever seen to a prime minister parliamentary debate in the United States Congress.

Biden, of course, was one time a United States Senator, and he is comfortable being “Legislator in Chief,” a role never designed by the founding generation. They made sure of it.

That hasn’t stopped decades of legislative abuse from the executive branch, including Biden’s promise that he would veto any legislation he didn’t like when it crossed his desk. Not because it was unconstitutional or because it infringed on the rights of the other branches of government or the States. Nope. Because the Democrats don’t like it.

He also promised to get the United States into World War III. That more than anything else should damn his administration.

It seems, however, that Americans are too worried about Rihanna’s pregnancy, Chinese balloons, or fake classified document scandals to really worry about the real job of the American presidency: foreign policy.

The Romans figured out distractions can be important for maintaining power.

No one does it better than the American political class.

I talk about Biden’s really bad speech on Episode 776 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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