Biden’s SOU Stunk

I suffered through Joe Biden’s first State of the Union so you didn’t have to.

It wasn’t a malaise speech. It also wasn’t a good speech. Anyone watching the event should have been thinking about the 25th Amendment. Biden is clearly not mentally fit for the job.

It’s bordering on elder abuse. But Joe always wanted to be President, so here we are.

If you can overlook the gaffes–and there were many, including one of the worst in the history of the modern State of the Union where Biden referred to the Ukrainians as the Iranians–the speech lacked any real substance.

It was full of typical talking points, platitudes, and slogans, and even had the Democrats chanting “USA, USA!” Kind of like the Republicans when Trump was in office.

Which should give you pause. You see, some people have pointed out that Biden’s speech contained much of the same content as Trump’s last State of the Union, which actually makes sense when you consider both are nationalist stooges who don’t really understand the Constitution.

If Biden really wanted to make a statement, he should have written the message, sent it to Congress, and skipped the event.

That would have been the real republican thing to do. But we haven’t had a real republican presidency in over a century, so no chance of that happening.

John Stossel gave a funny “real” State of the Union address before the event. It was better than Biden’s.

Either way, I wanted to listen so I could provide you with a summary of this nonsense on The Brion McClanahan Show.

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