Bill Maher is Thinking Locally and Acting Locally

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you have to take a victory lap for even small things.

Like Bill Maher admitting that local government is more important than the “national” stupidity in D.C.

Maher is a staple for the left, though he has fallen out of favor with the more idiotic progressives because he has hammered woke cancel culture and the loss of free speech.

He has been trying to get solar panels installed at his property for years but has been blocked by the dopes in California.

This has led to a type of epiphany. He recently said that he now understands that local government should be the focus.

If more Americans thought this way, no one would care who sits on the throne at 1600 PA AVE.

Now, I don’t expect Maher to become a local or State government warrior, but it’s nice to see someone finally getting it.

That doesn’t include most of you, my loyal listeners and readers.

Take for example an email I received the other day from a listener in Texas.

Small victories. This Brion McClanahan Show fan ran for a local position in the Republican Party and not only won, but was able to have an impressive Calhounian rule change added for consideration.

Nothing may come of it, but when you are working hard for local victories, dreams can come true.

This would never happen in Washington D.C.

Perhaps in Texas.

This is the kind of stuff I like to hear. Send me those show requests and your small victories. I like to talk about them on the show every now and then.

And particularly when I can couple it with a Bill Maher news story.

I discuss Maher and Texas on episode 611 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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