Boomer Mandates Boomerang

Joe Biden is getting ready to make his first State of the Union address tomorrow night.

Things couldn’t be going worse for the Democrats.

War, inflation, and a healthy resistance to their stupid policies are driving the administration into the ground.


Not that Biden is much worse than just about any other president in the twentieth century, but he ran on a promise to make COVID disappear, make Putin disappear, and make the sour economy disappear.

All three have gotten worse.

Of course, a good dose of the Monroe Doctrine would solve the Putin problem. For over 100 years, the United States stayed out of Europe. Only President Tommy Wilson changed that in 1917.

Now we are led to believe NATO is the United States. Or was it the United Nations. I’ve lost track. Maybe it’s both.

COVID was never going to go away, but the Boomers (and their nincompoop disciples) in charge of blue States and the general government made life hell for many Americans for two years.

They’re now figuring out this was a bad move politically, so the memo has literally gone out.

The good news is that Americans appear to be in an unforgiving mood. Even if the United States is on the “right side” of a war in Europe that doesn’t affect American security one bit, that isn’t changing their perception of Uncle Joe.

Or the Democrats.

They know who brought inflation, cancel culture, woke riots, more crime, and COVID lockdowns.

The Republicans aren’t much better on most issues, but they will be rewarded in our stupid two party system in 2022 and potentially 2024.

The political fallout will be severe.

I discuss what this means for Biden on episode 589 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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