Brandon’s Lincolnian Anti-MAGA Speech

In cast you missed it, President Brandon declared “MAGA Republicans” to be enemies of the State.

Then he didn’t.

The Democrats realized they stepped in it and quickly tried to pivot by arguing that “MAGA Republicans” were not evil, just MAGA policies.

Except everyone knows that the speech was exactly what Democrats think. In fact, it was written by the doofus presidential historian John Meacham, a man who has called Trump supporters “lizard brains.”

It’s also fitting that Meacham produced this Lincolnian mess, and that “noted historians” had a long conference with Brandon just days before he delivered this disaster.

These “noted historians” are all Lincoln sycophants who think that the correct response to dissident voices is violence.

This is why I always say the Lincoln myth is more dangerous than any other political movement in America.

Those who believe it and genuflect to Honest Abe work from the premise that their political opponents must be crushed and that anyone who opposes the current leftist talking point is a traitor to the Government.

They are nothing short of heretics to the secular religion of the American State.

Brandon’s opening lines are straight from the “proposition nation” template. He then follows up with some good old fashioned “slave power” conspiracy theories sprinkled with “white supremacist” civil rights movement pejoratives.

Any neoconservative could have written the speech. Same for the West Coast Straussians, who, despite being pro Trump, are also pro-Lincoln myth.

Lincoln may have said he had “malice toward none” but his actions were always with malice toward anyone who disagrees with his administration.

Thirty thousand Northern political prisoners were a testament to his kind treatment of political opponents, as were hundreds of thousands of dead Southerners.

I discuss how this speech is fitting for our current political climate on episode 697 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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