Breaking Up is Easier Than You Think

Breaking up should be easy to do, even for States. That is, of course, if Americans truly believed in self-determination.

Most don’t. Couple that with the perception among some “conservatives” that secession is just a Leninist plot to destroy America and it’s really surprising that nearly a quarter of Americans think that a political divorce would be a good thing.

It doesn’t mean we can still be friends. It would probably make us better friends. If real America wasn’t constantly pestered with self-righteous do-gooder busybodies maybe we could learn to like them a bit better.

It’s always easy to send salutations over a fence.

We would have to work out some details, and with most Americans (and States) too dependent on some assistance from the general government to pursue real independence, it will be a long time coming before actual independence could happen.

It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be talking about it.

It also doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be looking at all forms of decentralization.

That is the only way to cope with Karen and Ken and their political henchmen in the progressive movement.

You see, there are many on the left who see the political beat down in Virginia last week as a sign that they haven’t gone far left enough.

That would be a major mistake, but let them make it.

Particularly when we are talking about cultural issues. As I talked about last week on The Brion McClanahan Show, wokism may have reached its zenith. Only time will till.

Until then, we should certainly be discussing decentralization and its benefits for the people of the States.

I discuss secession on Episode 540 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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