Cancel Culture Comes for Massachusetts

In 2015, the Christian Science Monitor interviewed me about the push to remove Confederate symbols across the United States.

I argued that the next step would be removing the Jefferson Memorial or renaming Washington D.C.

It hasn’t exactly come to that–of course there is a push to remove Washington’s name from George Washington University–but it seems everything traditional in America is under assault.

This is by design.

The worst participants in this now seven year pogrom are the West Coast Straussians and neoconservatives who cheered when Confederate monuments came under attack.

They might have been “cautious,” but they nevertheless supported removing this “stain” from American history.

You see, if you worship Lincoln, the South becomes the unbearable blot on the Righteous Cause Myth of the United States. It has to be expunged.

Men like Victor Davis-Hanson among others made this clear. They might currently bemoan cancel culture, but they didn’t raise much of a whimper when the axe was falling only on Confederate heads.

Now even Massachusetts is about to be canceled, not the State itself, but it’s seal and flag.

I think it’s funny.

You see, the Massachusetts flag contains the State seal, and the State seal has been deemed racist.

To one member of the committee who voted for a revamped seal and flag, this was outrageous. Why? Because that flag defeated the Confederacy, and only the Confederacy is evil in American history.

This would pass for intelligent conversation on Fox News.

But the revolutionaries don’t care. They want it all.

If you think the 1619 Project people will stop at Confederate iconography, you are fooling yourself.

I was right in 2015 and I am right today, seven years later.

In fact, let’s just get rid of every bit of Yankee symbolism–including the team name. I find it offensive.

If we can’t just keep what we have, then every monument and symbol created before 2015 has to go, including those to “Honest Abe” and every racist Union soldier fighting to save the Union not free slaves.

Why should they get a free pass?

I discuss the issue on episode 682 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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