Cancel Culture Commies

Dr. Seuss is being canceled?

Not so fast. Only six of his books are being shelved by the publisher. But conservatives everywhere went nuts over another round of cancel culture.

At first glance, this looks like an open and shut case of idiotic overreach. Seuss published material indicative of the time in which he lived when people weren’t overly sensitive and when only sticks and stones could break your bones.

Plus, most Americans have read and enjoyed at least one of his books. I know I read several to my kids when they were little, and all enjoyed them.

Yet should we be so upset that Dr. Seuss has become a focal point for the cancel culture commies?

Ed Welsch argues no.

Seuss was himself a firm proponent of cancel culture when he was still alive. He wanted to cancel every conservative he could find and was firmly committed to Marxism.

That make sense. Several of his books have a thinly veiled Marxist message, but no one cared as long as kids enjoyed them.

Regardless, cancelling Seuss might be a  great form of payback. After all, as Welsch illustrates conservatives have been canceled for years. What harm would it be to put some of their own in the wastebasket?

I wouldn’t shed a tear over Seuss, but we do have to be careful embracing this lunacy.

The Leninists perfected the practice of censorship and “cancelling” their opponents in the early part of the 20th century.

Anyone who challenged Lennin’s legitimacy was “canceled.” Sound familiar? Any publication that didn’t toe the orthodox communist line was canceled? Again, familiar?

If you want to find the origins of modern cancel culture, look no further than the Reds who dominated Russia for nearly a century.

And we are embracing this in the United States. When the game is over, I’m certain the Soviets will win.

If we continue down this path, that much is certain.

I talk about the cancel culture commies in Episode 415 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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