Why Secession?

Why are Americans discussing secession in 2016? The Texas Republican Party will be forced to vote on the issue during the Party Convention, and while it will certainly fail, more Americans are interested in the topic that at any time since the 1860s. Secession has not always been such a forbidden subject. I discuss why this is happening and other issues surrounding secession on Episode …more

Will the Supreme Court Uphold Obama’s Illegal Amnesty?

Yesterday (4/18), the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that stemmed from Barack Obama’s executive action in regard to immigration. In 2014, the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security issued a memo (not an executive order) that essentially rewrote immigration law in the United States. Obama has since then directed DHS to cease enforcement of several federal immigration laws and has unilaterally resettled thousands …more

Podcast Episode 12: Why Americans are Angry

Why are Americans angry? This is a major theme of the 2016 election, so much so that articles are being published almost weekly on the topic in some fashion. I discuss why this is the case and how it can be fixed. It won’t be from a superhero riding in on a white horse.

We Are All Jeffersonians

Thomas Jefferson is perhaps the greatest enigma of the American age. He wrote and spoke on so many topics that he has become the symbol of virtually every strain of uniquely American political thought. Jefferson is the democrat, the agrarian, the federalist, the republican, the radical, the conservative, the statesman, the planter, the intellectual, the philosopher, the educator. Volumes have been written on his life …more

Lincolnites Are Crazed Warmongers

This piece was originally published at LewRockwell.com. Keith Olbermann is an idiot, but you knew that. He is also a warmonger. That was not evident until earlier this month, and Olbermann doubled down yesterday. Full disclosure. Olbermann once labeled me one of the worst men in America. Since then, and of course not because of me, his career has gone from bad to worse to …more

Understanding Originalism

I recently received a one star “review” at Amazon for my newest release, 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America and Four Who Tried to Save Her. While I don’t normally respond to critical reviews, I thought this one offered an opportunity to expose some of the myths surrounding the founding generation and the Constitution that the reviewer has undoubtedly absorbed from the modern historical profession. …more

Is Donald Trump the Andrew Jackson or Aaron Burr of Our Time?

Is Donald Trump Andrew Jackson or Aaron Burr? It seems establishment Republicans can’t make up their mind. Those who believe that the 2016 Republican primary season has been the dirtiest campaign in American history need to think again. The pro-Cruz people recently took a shot at Trump that mirrored the 1828 campaign between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams. The Adams camp accused Jackson’s wife, …more

What Is It About Cuba?

What is it about Cuba? Obama’s awkward moment with Raul Castro was the capstone to an awkward visit. Our entire relationship with the island has been awkward. Most Americans don’t realize that our history with Cuba dates to the mid-nineteenth century. It isn’t a pleasant one. Cuba was one of the last remaining Spanish colonies, a poor island caught up in the aftermath of the …more

Trump’s Heretical Message

Donald Trump has revealed his foreign policy team. It isn’t your Bush dream team and we aren’t in the 1950s anymore. McCain, Romney, and anyone at National Review will hate it. For those that understand the split between the neo and paleo conservatives in the 1950s and 1960s, Trump’s speech on foreign policy today will leave you both shocked and stunned. Stunned because no one …more

State Power vs. The Federal Monster

Both Democrat and Republican exit polls during this primary season have been clear on one issue: people are angry. They are angry because they don’t think Washington represents them. They are angry because they think their vote doesn’t count. They are angry because they don’t believe the establishment will change course. And they are angry because the political class in both parties is out of …more