“Coma” Joe and What Comes Next?

Joe Biden can’t get out of his own way. He can’t even find where he is supposed to go.

His administration is an open embarrassment. Everyone knows it, even the Left, which is why they keep providing cover.

Kurt Schlichter wrote a funny piece at Townhall the other day on “Coma” Joe.

He asked, “What comes next?”

If Biden really is a placeholder, what will replace him? Will it be Kamala the Ugandan Giant?

Probably not. She is being set up to fail. And most Americans don’t like her. See the 0% she pulled in the Democrat primary.

It would be a negative number if all Americans were involved in the process.

Schlichter offers a real question, but it comes from a nationalist position. He wants to know how to save the “nation.”

We can’t, because the United States has never been a “nation.”

In order for use to “reclaim America” we’ll have to drop our secular religion known as American nationalism.

Getting rid of St. Abraham would be a good step forward.

What should come next is massive political decentralization, a think locally, act locally renaissance based on real federalism and the original Constitution.

Let California be California and Alabama be Alabama. This means we need to rewire our brains.

It can be done, and if you are reading this, you’re already on your way. Or maybe you’re there.

Either way, the most peaceful path forward is through “State’s Rights.”

Is it perfect? No. But it would work for most States.

This is why I hammer my slogan every chance I get. 

I talk about Schlichter and what comes next in Episode 461 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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