Confederate Rocks are Dangerous

Prince Harry is confused about the First Amendment. It seems many Brits have the same problem. The rights of Englishman have lost their anchor.

One brave Limey flies various historical flags to honor major events. Recently he decided to hoist the Confederate Battle Flag in honor of Stonewall Jackson. This led to a political puritan turning him in for a “hate crime.”

Yep. Our friends across the pond are just as bad as the Karens running around the United States. One clueless British reporter thought this was a perfectly acceptable response. She would have confronted the man herself, but then argued that the “teacher” who turned the chap in did the right thing.

We have to stamp out “hate” whenever we see it, even on private property.

These people are as dangerous as they are stupid.

But the disease is clearly global. In New York, a mother has been told by a court to remove a Confederate flag painted rock from her driveway or she risks losing custody of her mixed race child.

The father doesn’t like the rock and he thinks it will do harm to the couple’s seven-year old girl. The mother is now literally between a rock and a hard place.

There has to be more to the story as the rock never came up in previous custody hearings. Even some of the lawyers are befuddled and correctly claim this will set a very dangerous precedent.

Of course, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared the Confederate flag to be a symbol of hate. Kind of like his nursing home policy during the early days of COVID-19, but who’s counting?

It makes you question the average intelligence in both America and Great Britain.

I discuss the rock on Episode 444 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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