Considering Secession

In 1999, no one would have believed that in less than 25 years, secession would be a topic of discussion in the United States, so much so that major pollsters are starting to ask questions about it.

A lot has happened since the late 90s, particularly the growth in the size and scope of the general government.

But many Americans are finally getting it. They understand something is out of whack, they just don’t know how to respond.

Our dabble with authoritarian lockdowns, massive inflation, a potential World War III, the woke summer of love, immigration, and don’t say gay, among other issues, have prompted a number of Americans to rethink the value of Union.

And not just on the right. To some on the left, the tepid response to these issues by their people in power has them thinking that perhaps it would be better to have a leftist Utopia out of the Union.

That’s fine with me. If every blue State skedaddled, real America could get back to normal.

The Front Porch Republic, not known for anything too controversial, even produced an entire journal dedicated to the topic recently.

The lead essay was written by Bob Elder, author of a book on John C. Calhoun. I have been hard on this book, and rightfully so, and Elder would never be confused for a “conservative,” but his essay was a thoughtful evaluation of the history of secession and current American political culture.

He doesn’t think it’s a wise move, and he might be right in our current political and educational environment, but at least he is discussing it.

About a dozen other scholars added to the discussion with pieces of their own, and the result was an interesting and diverse look at the topic from several viewpoints.

I have always been fine with secession. It should always be on the table, even if it is not the right move at the time, and more importantly should never be considered illegal.

It never was and still isn’t.

The establishment twerps who grumble that Lee was a traitor by quoting Lincoln never have a clue.

That’s why I go back to the topic on a regular basis and why the theme of my show is “think locally, act locally.”

I discuss secession on episode 615 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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