Cornell Takes Down Lincoln

I predicted in 2015 that the woke mob would not stop at Confederate monuments.

Neocons didn’t listen and instead hid behind their self-righteousness and moral preening. You see, they loved Abraham Lincoln, so they were on the right side of history. Confederates were Democrats (or Nazis) who deserved to be purged.

And what American doesn’t love the “Great Emancipator”?

They forgot that Lincoln had some nasty things to say about black people, and that he said these nasty things almost until the day he died in 1865.

Lincoln wasn’t a 21st century moralist. He was a 19th century man with 19th century views on race.

The social justice warriors would eventually come for Honest Abe.

I was right. Just this week, someone complained about a bust of St. Abraham at Cornell University. The school quickly capitulated and took it down.

The righteous cause warriors threw a fit. Social media was aflame yesterday as these guardians of American history expressed their outrage at the commies who dared remove the American demi-god.

But if you accept the take ’em down Confederate narrative, then Lincoln must go, too.

He said whites and blacks were not equal, cracked jokes about not wanting to marry a “negro wench,” insisted that he never favored political or social equality of the races, and proposed to leave slavery intact until the 20th century if the South would just come back in the Union. He also said that if whites didn’t like blacks, they could just ship the blacks out of the country.

The left knows it, and this is why they want to cancel Lincoln.

One part of me loves it. It’s always fun to dig at the neocons and watch them throw fits.

The other knows that from the beginning, we should have been saying “No, shut up.”

Confederate monuments should still be prominently displayed. So should Abraham Lincoln. So should members of the founding generation. The left wants to start at year zero, around 1975, or maybe at Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Even then, some still need to be purged. That would be us.

You see, when dopes like this writer at The Root think that the Constitution is worthless because it was written by slaveowners, that John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Tom Paine were present during its drafting in 1787, and that the 12th Amendment created the Electoral College, we know what we are up against. It would be laughable if we didn’t hear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez try to wax poetic about history. Don’t you know that the Confederacy controlled the Supreme Court, leading them to issue the Dred Scott decision while Lincoln was president and that forced him to issue the Emancipation Proclamation?

Birds of a feather. And these are the morons trying to tear down history.

I discuss these idiots on episode 660 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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